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      Help! Recurring dream requiring interpretation.

      Hi all

      Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing that 2012 is filled with love, prosperity, good health and plenty of good laughs.

      The reason I am writing this is due to a recurring dream that I keep having. I've been suffering from this for a few years now and can't make any sense of it. Before I start, this may sound very strange and rather off the cuff but if anyone could help, I would be very grateful.

      Well here goes - I keep having this recurring dream about my male cousin. I would like to say at this point that he is my step dads nephew so he is not a "blood" relative but still family none the less. I have this dream every 2 - 3 weeks and it always goes the same way. I dream that we bumped into each other, went for a drink and then I wake up the next morning beside him!!! Worrying, I know!!! I just don't understand what this means. I would never dream (excuse the pun) of any relationship with my cousin! Don't get me wrong - he's a great guy, sense of humour and a really good-looking guy but to have a relationship with him just wouldn't cross my mind in real life!!! I hardly see him from one year to the next. If I had never met him before, were not in anyway shape or form related, and we bumped into each other then I probably would be interested - being brutally honest. But he's my cousin!!!!! And I don't even feel that way about him so why do I keep having such explicit dreams. "Blood" relative or not - it just wouldn't happen!!!

      I hope this doesn't make me sound like someone from the DIngle clan, as it does sound like theres a bit of incest going on. But its just these dreams. I don't understand why I keep having them so frequently and why they are so vivid. I can't stop thinking about them for a day or two afterwards. And its not because they were wonderful or that I want it to actually happen. I just find it quite unnerving.

      If anyone has any ideas, then it would be greatly appreciated.

      Loads of love


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      I have no idea what it might mean but I can assure you that dreams don't mean what they seem to on the surface. The subconscious speaks in symbols, never directly. So no need to fear you might be secretly desiring your cousin or anything. You might want to think about what he represents to you. Try writing down everything that comes to mind when you think of him - explain who he is as if to a total stranger, and try to remember any details that come to mind about when you met him, when you first heard about him, any time you've met or anything you might have heard about him - especially anything unusual. Take the whole incest thing out of the equation - often the surface story of a dream is shocking and keeps us from being able to clearly see the symbols for what they really mean.

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      Desires Coming Out

      It Could be that secret desires are now coming out.

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