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      Disturbing dream...

      I'm new here and normally I wouldn't post on something like this but the dream I had last night was incredibly disturbing and vivid.

      Here's the dream:
      My wife's boss, an incredibly jovial man in real life, decided to herd up his entire office staff so they wouldn't miss the ferry boat.

      As the last staff member entered his room, he patted the last person on the rear, announce "Hurry! You don't want to be late!" After which he closed the door and proceeded to shoot everyone in the head point blank until his entire office staff was dead.

      My wife, somehow wasn't in the room but the shooting seemed to last throughout an afternoon. With all the doors locked, no one could get in. A gunshot would ring out for what seemed every 5 seconds.

      End of dream.

      My wife's boss is a wonderful man. Very light-hearted and giving to a fault. Both he and my wife are stock brokers in the same branch.

      All I can say is... WOW.

      Anyone have any insight? I'm deeply curious about this one.

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      Dreams occasionally have a tendency of going batshit crazy, it happens.
      Have you by any chance seen a movie / read a story about a similar situation or shooting in general the day before?
      Sometimes stuff like that sneaks into our dreams, it's called day residue.

      But even if you haven't, as I said, it happens.
      Dreams can be absolutely fantastic experiences, but they can also be quite dark and disturbing on some occasions.
      Dreams are simple.
      It's the painfully simple things the human mind cannot comprehend.
      After all your mind is trained to understand the complexity of the waking world,
      not the simplicity of the dream world.

      - Yuya

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