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      car crashes & bugs

      last night really had to of made the top 5 most weirdest dreams in my life! Here was the dream:

      I was driving and there was an oncoming car. It was more like a camper you know one of those RV type deal things. Anyway, the camper spun out of control right infront of me and crashed. Then it started to catch fire. I ran out of my car, and for some reason, i really wanted to save the people that were in it. Then i heard a woman's voice, (out of nowhere, there weren't any women around) call the police and she was going to rescue them. But when i got into the camper, she wasn't there. (maybe it was me that was talking IDON"T KNOW) but the person that was driving the RV passed out. There were children in the camper and my first task was to save them. They were sleeping in bunk beds in a room that had a glass sliding door. (this was a really high tech camper) and when i opened the door, another man came in and said that nobody was going anywhere! he said that this camper is so strong, that even if it blows us, we won't die. I knew he was out of his mind, (he was like in denial that his camper failed him) but i was forced to stay in the camper that i knew was going to blow up! I didnt' like this, and i think this was where i changed the dream because i didn't want to die. So i skipped to something else.

      Me and a friend were running away (from the people that owned the RV i guess) because they were crazy. And my boyfriend was driving this really small truck, it was like minature. and i wanted to sit up in front with him, but there was barely room for him, so i had to sit in the back. There was one woman in the RV that wasn't crazy like the rest of them, and she got out with me. Her boyfriend (the one that owned the camper) was the one chasing us. And the whole time we were just trying to avoid them. Once we got free, she started crying and said "my husband was the one that killed your baby" and i was extremly confused because, I'm only 17, and i've never had a kid. And then my mom was telling me that it was true, and nobody could figure out why i couldn't remember having the baby. And i was just asking all kinds of questions. I remember asking my mom, ''well, where's the father?" and she said that he was in chicago. (in reality, my boyfriend is moving to chicago next month to go to collage) And before my mom was telling me this, we were outside and all these bugs kept trying to fly into her hair. the weird thing was that they were all lady bugs, there was like amillion of them in her hair!

      There was another dream where i was at a friends house where i was supposed to stay the night, but every time i'd get comfortable, i'd find bugs in the carpet. It was really creeping me out. can anyone interpret any of this?
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      Hi Catrina. That is a weird dream. And most of the interpretation lies within you.

      An RV is a big vehicle and usually stable. If the RV just suddenly loses control and none-the-less in front of you this might represent something in your life that you feel that you lost control over. Something big.

      Now you want to help. You want to help out with whatever is going on your life that apparently is important to you and that you suddenly feel lost in control of.

      With the woman saying that she will help but doesn't show up? Can you compare that to anyone in your life who is maybe trying to help you with your problems, but doesn't seem like much help?

      The camper owner saying the camper won't blow up but you know it will could be many things. One thing I think of is that maybe people in your life say that your problems aren't as bad as it seems but to you they are and you feel it very much so. Or maybe it is an internal struggle within you. Part of you saying that your stress in life maybe isn't a big deal, but then another part of you says that you have to face it because it will blow up or get bigger.

      Running away from anything in a dream signifies running away from something in life some times. Since the camper above might signify the person/thing that says something bad can't truly happen--this might mean you are trying to run away from the nuisance and stupidity of the people or yourself that saying bad things can't happen with what ever is going on in your current life.

      Ah, the baby thing is interesting. At first, I viewed it as something special must have happened in your life (as baby's usually represents) or a rebirth of something in your life--something new is happening in your life. However, I saw another dream of you cheating on your boyfriend. Hmmm...Your mind seems to show conflict here. If it wasn't your boyfriend who had the baby and the father is unknown might be telling you something about your love life. You might want to search into your romance and love life in the real world.

      Your boyfriend moving to Chicago sounds like an interesting tid bit too since you might have had that thought in your head in a brief second in the dream. It could be linked to some of the stresses or problems in life that you feel you are burdening you or out of control.

      As for the ladybugs--question yourself. Again, this is all speculation on my part and you know more about your personality and fears and wants and needs. To me, a lady bug is a dainty bug that I am not scared of. Ask yourself how do you view lady bugs. It has a connection to your mom.

      I hope this helps and remember this is all speculation on my part.

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