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      Going backwards with no brakes in car.

      I have been having these dreams where i am backing up the car and when I try to stop theres no brakes. Then the car then speeds up and keeps going faster so I push harder, but still no brakes. When I realize this is a dream I just let the car do what it wants then I drive back forward.

      Any ideals what this might mean?
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      Maybe your life is going the wrong way and you're not in control of it? Or some part of your life. Just a thought.

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      Very possible,... and one thing I forgot to mention is when the car goes backwards the dream always turns black,...... all I can see is the dash.

      I know in reality I feel used by most everyone. Example: a get a lot of phone calls from so called friends,... asking me for a favor, and when I can't do it the phone call ends. And boy does that bug the crap out of me.

      I'm only good for them when they know I can helpthem, but other than that I am nothing.

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