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      man in my bed and spitting

      I had this weird dream last night and I can't make sense of the imagery. This guy in my life has been hot/cold with me. He'll be everywhere I am for weeks and cling onto me, then when he sets up a real date he'll flake and disappear.

      The dream: I'm in bed, half-napping. A friend is telling me a story or something then leaves. I turn and the guy who's been hot/cold is also in the bed. I thought I was alone. He smiles like it's nothing, we're platonic friends, and starts to leave. I grab him - I'm fed up of this. I start kissing him. He kneels on top of me and we're about to have sex. But for some reason he needs to spit on me every two seconds. It's not disrespectful, just like, something he does during sex (?) He keeps spitting on my orange t-shirt. Once it's drenched I have to take it off and its heavy with spit when it hits the floor. I tell him he needs to stop. We start having sex but it's uncomfortable. Like there's something wrong with "him". It's not a pleasant experience.

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      Sometimes in life when we get "a little dense" about what's going on, Spirit will gift you with a dream that is an "in your face wake up call". In the dream you are in bed....bed suggesting an intimate place in a receptive mode. The hot/cold guy shows up, or rather the dream places him in your bed to show you what it would be like if he ever were actually in your bed. It's a gift because you get to have the experience in dreamtime rather than suffer thru this kind of experience in real life. You're shown what it's like a head of time symbolically as the real thing would not be much different in the end result of how you would feel. In the dream you pull him to you and he begins to spit on you. Spitting on someone, no matter how you quality it, is an act of complete disrespect and revulsion. It is an act done only by the lowest kind of person with no refinement or class. The man spits on you repeatedly and still you don't put an end to it and continue to have sex with him. You think there's something wrong with him, but really the dream is telling you that there is something wrong with you and your own feelings or demand for self respect by allowing this man to continue.

      To sum it up....The dream is a wake up call for you to realize whoever this guy is, it doesn't matter if he is hot or cold because he has no respect and never will. It probably doesn't even have to do with you but more some deep seated issue he has with women and relationships in general. He doesn't set up a "real date" because he could be just cheap. That's a cheap guys way of operating..flirt, hot cold, never make a date because he wants what he wants with no respect to any kind of pretense of a relationship or a real wooing. He's not interested. he's only out for what he can get. The Dream showed you loud and clear who he was. If you go for it, then it's not him with the problem, it will be you needing to evaluate you need to demand more self respect from anyone who wants to be intimate with you. Give this dude the boot...although it will only make this kind of person try harder..ignore him and move on. He's just playing.

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