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      Multiple moons dream

      I had this dream this morning. I was at a friend's house with my 2 year old son. The friend's name is Tina and we're not all that close. She's older than me (I'm 22, she's in her 30's). I like her just fine, but the reason we know each other is because her boyfriend is friends with my husband. We don't live similar lives and we differ spiritually. My son and I were sitting on her couch (the house was different than her house in real life) while she was in the kitchen to the left washing dishes I think. There was a coffee table in front of us. It was nighttime and thundering and a full moon. There were a lot of big windows on the wall and ceiling to our left and I pulled my son onto my lap and was pointing and showing him the cool lightening. I have a 7 month old son also but he must have been with my husband who wasn't with us. As we were watching he lightening I noticed another moon in the sky. Then another and another and I asked, 'Tina do you see this'. The moons kept appearing all over the sky, all full moons and we wondered at what was happening. I tried to count then but couldn't. Then they all sped behind the original moon (or joined it or something so there was just that one). A face of the devil appeared next to the moon in the sky which then morphed into a skull and disappeared. The sky was black but seemed red tinted while he faces were there. We were terrified (but it wasn't like a nightmare, I knew we were scared u I didn't feel scared). Tina ran outside and I stood up to follow and as I walked I started to text my husband to tell him what happened. That was the end I think. I'm not quite sure what that could mean, although I feel like it has significance (I don't usual try and interpret my dreams). I gave background on Tina so I'll give some on my husband who was not in the dream but part of it. We just started marriage counseling two days ago and realized we have a lot of work to do. We love each other a lot and are committed to making our marriage work but we have a lot of personal issues to work through. Spiritually we are on the same page and we have good compatibility, but our communication really needs some work. He is stressed a lot because he hates his job and doesn't make enough to support us (I stay home with he children). He is planning on going back to school this Fall but things are unsure about his employment and where we live long term. I think that should be enough info (I read that we should try to give as much as possible). Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!

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      This is just a guess, but the moons could represent a kind of play on words, like "juggling too many balls at once", or it could also have some motherly significance. It could also indicate the passage of time or your wish to know how things will work out in the future.

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      I had a somewhat similar dream last night. This is how I came to your post because I googled multiple moons dream. Although it ties into another dream I had years ago concerning the day of the Lord. In my dream it was daylight and a full moon appeared in the sky. Then many moons began appearing all over the sky. I didn't count them but it had to be at least 15. The moons in my dream disappeared and reappeared but eventually all went back to where the original moon was. Then the sky turned completely black and a blood moon appeared. Then in the distance I saw stars/asteroids falling from the sky.I knew in my dream these were signs from the Lord and I was very excited. You say you are spiritual but do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is using this dream to draw you near to him. If you saw a devil in the moon I absolutely believe that is because your marriage is under spiritual attack. This is why it ended with you trying to reach your husband. The devil hates marriage because marriage reflects God and the relationship between Christ and the church. He will do anything to tear a marriage apart from breaking your finances, to causing turmoil and stresses. However he does not have the last word. It is time you both draw yourselves near to the Lord and trust in him. My husband and I have had our share or problems as far as communication and finances but I have faith in the father.I only joined here to leave you a comment, I know this is many months later but I am praying for you and your family and that the Lord will reveal himself in your life.

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