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    Thread: Leopard dream

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      Leopard dream

      I had this recurring dream when I was younger (about 5 years old), I had this dream so often that I still remember every detail of the dream now almost 20 years later and I still can't figure out what it meant.
      It would begin by my family (parents and younger brother) having a normal dinner at our dinner table and I would notice all of a sudden that there were leopards sitting in our living room. I would feel very scared and try to warn my family without startling the leopards and we would try and move down the hallway away from the leopards as fast as we could and I would notice the walls were lined with carpet and I would feel a lot of anxiety about trying to get my family away from the leopards because I felt like they were following and we would get the my parents room at the end of the hall and hide behind my dad and the leopards would come I and close in on us and my dad would pull out this crucifix (we were not a religious family at all, possibly picked this symbol up from tv or something) and he would thrust it forward and it would freeze time for a few seconds so we could back away more, this repeated with building fear and anxiety until I woke up.

      Any interpretation would be appreciated! I had this dream so often with not one detail changing that it's really freaked me out.

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      Good Afternoon Hellojoe,

      This dream is a recurring warning dream that has reoccurred because I believe G-d wants to bring clarity to you about something. (I appreciate you are not religious).

      Your family are the focus of the dream, not you. Therefore the living room and dining table represent the fellowship you share with each other and would indicate to me that you are a close family.

      Leopards represent vengeance or a predator or some kind of danger upon your family (which is why the dream is a warning). This is not necessarily a physical threat but it could be an emotional or spiritual threat upon them. The hallway and walls with carpet simply represent a transition (as you literally have been moved from the living room to your parents bedroom). The bedroom represents intimacy and rest, so the danger is soon to come close to this part of your family.

      The crucifix represents protection from the danger and the time being frozen I believe is a temporary period of time G-d is giving you to turn to Him for help and protection. Personally I believe it is a dream encouraging you to pray and seek relationship with G-d so He can protect your family from some danger pending.

      Let me know if that resonates with you in any way,


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