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      Lion, Hay, Figure Covered In Blood, Fire, Fountain

      The dreams outlined here have for many years disturbed me and I hope perhaps other people can give me a different perspective. My first dream begins with me pinned to a stage by a lion that is forcing me to eat hay in an empty hall. In the next part of the dream I am drinking with friends in a bar and am drawn away from them to a small figure about 5ft tall that steps up from some lower steps that is covered in blood as if a new born child or as if the flesh is burnt. The figure has great power over me and I cannot look at it directly. This part of the dream changes from an atmosphere of merriment and light-hearted frivolity to an atmosphere of vivid intensity and seriousness. I am in a courtyard and everything is burning around it as if the apocalypse has come. The figure beckons to what looks like a warehouse from which fire is erupting and then moves in front of a well. The figure beckons towards the well and then two female voices simultaneously say with an echoing resonance of great volume "End it, finish it". At this point I woke up and felt that my head was is in pain after the loudness of the voices. I have a second dream in which I see the figure again standing by and beckoning me towards a fountain in the centre of a lawn in what appears to be an ancient college but I am walking past, although inside I feel that I want to approach it as I hear my own voice say "Go to her". In the second dream I feel more comfortable looking at the figure and some of the blood has gone from it. It is also impossible for me to interpret the gender of the shrouded figure and so when I awoke from the second dream I was confused by the fact that I stated the gender as female in the dream. I believe that I had a third dream in which I get right up to the shrouded figure standing by the fountain but I do not recall it clearly. These dreams were far outside my normal experience of dreaming which is why they have disturbed me so much. Your help and views are welcome. I believe the location of the fountain to be the Tom Quad Fountain at Christ Church College, Oxford, England. I did not however go to University there or have any other associations with it. It is probably also necessary for me to state that I am a young adult male and heterosexual.
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