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      Exclamation I am trying to find an explanation to this.


      I am new here after the dream I had today I started to worry long story short :

      Me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly 8 months now, and he has told me that for many years now he has dreams of his grandfather (who passed away when my boyfriend was 6) of him basically passing my boyfriend a hand as in trying to take him up there to him if you know what I mean but as soon as he tries to take his hand he wakes up or the dream gets interrupted somehow at first I did not worry about it even though people have been saying that it is a bad sign... Not only that but recently he was having dreams of what he was describing a ''way to heaven'' he said it was very bright and as he was getting closer to the what he called '' heaven doors '' he got woken up.. In my opinion these dreams do have some sort of message I am scared to think that it is negative one and last night I myself had a dream of my boyfriend passing away, it was such a terrible dream I felt that it was real, I did feel like I am awake and that I lost this person forever it was indeed a very weird dream we were in a weird place doing apparently (what dream showed me) a usual thing, which was jumping down from a building (not high approximately 10 feet maybe), I was not jumping he would jump and then stand at the bottom and I would get on his shoulders and he would take me down... (I said dream showed me it, I meant it as in in a dream there was 2 days, first day was a dream of no incidents and just doing that but the second day....) So in a dream there was two days.... on the second day we were in a crowd of people as my boyfriend wanted to do a usual thing jump those 10 feet and take me down... some weird force just threw him against the church that was near by, and I mean threw him there against the church, he did not jump he was thrown by that something that nobody saw... Straight away in a dream I rang ambulance (which was not an emergency number it was a normal UK type of mobile phone number) the ambulance took what seemed ages to come, people around were telling me that he was falling for 11 minutes (i think it was 11) so he must of been high up... because the church was big and as he was thrown up and against he was falling for that long... and as the ambulance came they said that quote '' he won't make it to you, he has no legs..you know what I mean'' this is the quote I remember from the dream... basically that is it, then I woke up with a pulse of an athlete than ran a marathon, I had very heavy breathing, I also started to cry and rang my boyfriend to see if he is ok (which he was I woke him up at 7 in the morning) .... the relief I had when I woke up was indescribable but also this dream, so many details felt like it was real....

      Sorry for so much writing I just want to know what does all this mean.... The dreams that he keeps having and the dream I had today....
      I hope someone can help me...

      Thank you !!

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      It's not unusual for intimate couples to share dreams. Still, you should probably explore them individually before making comparisons. Until you know what they mean, there's nothing to compare, you see? Without reading your boyfriend's dream, it's difficult to make any credible suppositions about it, except that it sounds wonderful, not dreadful. As for your dream, you might want to begin by imagining the figure of your dream-bf as an aspect of yourself, maybe a daring (or rash) side of your personality, considering you were jumping from buildings. Maybe a side of your personality sturdy enough to carry you (as on your shoulders). The church image, the emergency call, the numbers 11, the long fall, and the quote from the emergency workers might make more sense once you've sorted out the figures (the people).

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