This was definitely an intense dream. I was back in highschool as a different person. It was a return from break and everyone saw the quiet girl in me change. I was no longer the quiet one. I was more social. After gym class, I had to find a seat in my next class. It was next to my ex (in reality I had no ex in h.s.) that I wished to have back. Thankfully, the feeling was mutual. I rested my head on his shoulder and we played video games. His friend came to talk to us and the dream morphed... fast forward to the future.

I was married (to someone else) and had a son, about 8 years old. We were being attacked. I ran to the neighbors for help but they thought I was crazy. That is until another kid found my son under a trash can wrapped in plastic. I became very upset and yelled "call 911!" As the neighbors did, they became my in-laws. One tacky woman kept annoying me. She finally left. I was alone with my mother in law and she was being attacked by Fred Kruger from a mattress with scissors. My husband and ex from earlier in the dream fought off Fred Kruger. My ex told my husband to get me out of there for my safety, risking his own life. I know we loved each other very much and it broke my heart that he would not be by my side.

I woke up having such an intense love for this man in my dream, my ex. I was so heartbroken over losing him even though he was not real. I don't know anyone in this dream in real life, but it felt so real and so intense.