(18 yrs old female / single)

So im walking deep underground along the rail tracks with some boy I dont know and someone like station keeper is guiding us to a place where we can hide as we said to be police for some reason. As we was walking the man asked what kind of police we are and I said 'secret police'.

the overall setting was very dark as it was underground, it was also dusty,,the man that was guiding us was holding a torch.

We rechead a room and the man said we can hide there and he disappeared. The boy a was with walked in and sat on a bed and I walked in after him. I closed the door and locked it (I saw a key in the dor) however eventhough I locked the door there was some huge gap like it was opened a bit. I looked through it and saw a black figure (person) outside. I knew there was gun in the room so I said to the boy ' you better pull out the gun cus they coming looking for us' and he said in not interesred way ' ofcourse they be coming to look for us' and as I looked at the door it had windows now I saw the same black figure looking at us. Me and that boy where on bed again I was trying to look for some blanket I could cover the door with but he wasnt worried at all. More like annoyed by what im doing.

The room setting was, it was dark but with red tone. The door was dark brown and key was golden. The walls were light, probably white but there was redish light so I couldntsee colour properly.

and before I had this dream I had another very short dream that creeped me out
I was bathing in a dark, just laying there, without moving my head I look around and realise im dreaming and instantly I look/move my head left and move my arm to the left aswell. And then its like I get stuck and the scene of me turning left keeps repeating ovrer and over again. I kinda got scared but then I thought I just need to relax, closed my eyes and appeared outside the bathroom, by my brothers bedroom door where he was standing as if he was about to go in but frozen in a moment and his face was all white and lips black. At first I hesistated but then said to him 'say something' to prove he is not real