Last night I had a creepy dream. I dreamed I got my period very early in my cycle - about half way through. This was alarming to me. When I went into the bathroom, I discovered that there were dead bugs in the blood. They varied in size, and looked like grubs, only were like the shell of one, if grubs had shells or exoskeletons. The bugs were dead and hollow, basically, and had an oceanic feel to them. I was at my parents' house, were I no longer live. I screamed and called my mom into the bathroom. She recognized that having the bugs in my blood was not a good thing, but she did not seem overly worried. She just told me to go to my gynecologist, because I had "crabs."

I spent the rest of the dream trying to think about who I'd had sex with recently (which has been no one) who could have given me crabs. I could not remember the people I'd been close to lately, and the fact that I've had sex with none of them made no sense because how else would I have gotten crabs.