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      Please interpret this nightmare

      Ok, so I had this dream or nightmare rather that id like interpreted. Im 16, and Australian. First of all, I dreamt i was shopping in an electronics store (looked like a jb hifi-esque place) and i was browsing shelves. Keep in mind my dreams look very dull coloured blurry and grey usually such as this one. So this old lady comes up to me and on the back of her neck is a boil/ pimple. She asks me to look and the next second i pull a thin and long black worm from the boil. I dont know this woman. Next the worm slithered into me im not sure where, and eventually i had strange ring worms growing bloody on my face. These bloody ringworm sores turned into gaping holes in my throat and left ear particularly. And then i walked with my girlfriend and father out of the shopping center. Eventually a kevin bacon looking man was doing all this strange stuff and from what i felt i think it was my brains representation of the devil. Thats about it, apart from that it was pretty dark and terrifying, please help interpret this dream? Thankyou

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      Greetings Fire222siera,

      The nature of this dream is dark as you rightly point out. If anything it contains your self-condition, how you see yourself. You are the focus of this dream.

      The grey dullness of any dream highlights that it wont necessarily be encouraging and is as you call it a type of "nightmare". The grey colour represents a weakness you have or insecurity (as does the black worm and left ear highlight this later). The old lady might represent someone who is not being pleasant to you, someone you shouldn't or do not trust very much and has been feeding you negative thoughts. However she could just represent the voice inside your head! The black worm reveals the dark nature of this dream, as it seems to be about feeling degraded and having negative feelings about yourself. The holes in the throat suggest you are not the kind of person who wants to tell others about your feelings and the left ear is significant because it shows you reject the truth about yourself, and fail to hear the positive and good things about you.

      If this dream has any truth in it about you, I would use it to start believing in yourself again, know that you are special and unique and begin to love who you are.

      Let me know if this resonates with you at all,


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