Hello i need some insight in trying to figure out what's going on with my consistent dreaming of a guy i barely know (hung out a few times as a group) the only thing is when i first met him i felt almost an instant connection in some sort of way, i was extremely attracted to him physically, but there was also this weird feeling of connection between us.

Anyways i haven't seen him in like 6 months and it's been almost a year since we all hung out and i still consistently have dreams with him in it. Like he will be a character in all different types of situations.

The dreams i remember most with him in it were:

1) him and i were running from someone through an abandoned mall and he was my protector, he led the way and i held his hand following behind. I just remember feeling very safe and protected by his presence.

2)these have been multiple, not the same but similar dreams where we have been in the same room but never talk to eachother, but we are always aware of one another.

3) it's hard for me to remember all of the other ones