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      Recouring Dream and the third time is Lucid.

      First, i'm sorry for the mistake i'm going to write.

      For 3 days i always did the same dream, but with different endings and the third time at the clue scene the dream was lucid.
      I was in my city with my 3 friends, it was night, one of them is my best friend( now is oversea), we was going around the city, but the strange part is some streets and houses were like one house was modern and one from the victorian age, some street was with oil lamp with the man who was lighiting up them and in some other streets was the normal elettric lamp. We were walking we was dreesed up normaly and talking about the city feast and they was calling it "the day of the fireworks". After like one minute of walking we ended up at the city place, full of people some dreesed up like at the carnival of venice others like normal people, when we reached the place i was really tired and i sit on a table full of beers like 30, i took one and a big middle aged man he trhow me a punch and he said "these beers are mine!" and i woke up. The Second day i reached the table i saw the man and i asked politely "can i have a beer?" " no these beers are mine" "you can't drink 30 beers" "well half of them are for my friend Antonio" and after i go away and i woke up. The Third time at the table scene the dream was lucid and this time the fireworks was exploding in the sky and the city was more victorian like 2 times ago wa 1/4 victorian now it was 3/4 and 1/4 Modern, at the table i asked "these beers are for Antonio, your friend?" the man was shooked "you know Antonio?" "Maybe" then my friends called me and the exaust from my body disapeard. They was calling me then they found me and my best friend said "Isaac i want to offer to all the group some drinks, come to the pub at the end of the end of the street", there was more people wearing mask than the last time. After i reached the Pub, the Pub was like an 1800 english pub, i entered and i sit at our favorite table, the barman bring us a beer except for me and a shot of whisky for all except for me again, i say "Artemie, you said you was ofering for all, why i don't have a drink after all the thing i offered you?" (in this part my movements was lucid but the words not because i never had and i can't have an argoument with my best friend), after i said that i covered my mouth, my friend start screaming at me and the pub is on fire and i was breathless asking for air and keep saying the pub is on fire, he tell me"are you crazy? The pub is not on fire!" i remove my glasses and all was normal and from the english pub it transformed in the modern pub, it was day and all the people outside enjoying the feast, disapeard. Then i wore again my glasses and all was on fire with the people outside enjoying themself, then i broke my glasses, there was no air in my lungs, i was soffucating, then i faint and my friends was keep telling me "you can't breath! Please wake up and take some fresh air!". I woke up looking the cealing and i was breathless then i went in the balcony and i took a long breath.
      This was my recouring dream, maybe tomorrow i'm going to do it again, i don't know but i think it's ended.

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      Very interesting!
      But could you elaborate it a bit?
      For example, what role does alcohol play in your life?
      Beer could either symbolise statisfaction, relaxation and being social or it could mean that you use it as a way to escape for something you did.
      Suffocating usually means being opressed by something.

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      They say the best way to break through repetitive dreams is via Lucid Dreaming.

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