I am new to DreamViews.com this is my first thread. My constant dreams of my Ex have led me to make an account as I am interested in what kind of feedback I might get. I look forward to contributing to the forum.

Here we go...

Minor background: Zoey (name changed) and I broke up about five years ago. Our relationship was very passionate but messy and unstable due to youthful naivety and immaturity. We broke up with much unfinished business. I did not take it well. Over the years we've each tried to communicate with each other many times, rather unsuccesfully. Some of my lame approaches have led her to completely block me out of her life for extended periods of time. I am very much in love with her. I always have been. The feeling has only grown stronger over the years. She is the perfect friend and companion, just the way she is. We had a very strong, deep and passionate connection. We shared openly, we talked all night, we joked and laughed and smiled and yes we faught about dumb pointless shit. I dream about her a lot.

In the past, I had dreams where we were at a party, and I would catch a glimpse of her, and she would dissappear, and I'd spend all night searching for her. I would catch fleeting glimpses of her, and then she would dissappear, like smoke. One time I was determined, and I found her hiding in her room at the end of the night. I told her how I felt and I got a little bit intense and she started to cry then I woke up.

Lately the dreams have been changing. I've had many make-up dreams, where I am able to communicate myself much more clearly and from the heart. She is timid and I respect her space but we usually hug and the electricity between us is palpable even if she does not admit it in the dream.

Last night I had a brand new dream about Zoey, one I've never had before, which I submit for analyzation.

My Dream:

I'm at Zoey's house and it's dinner time. What the heck am I doing here? I duck out of sight and dive onto a couch to hide. Her family notices me and beckons. Her mom and dad treat me as if I were invited. Zoey does too, but she seems to understand that I've shown up out of the blue. The understanding is unspoken but she is not startled or confused by my presence. She pulls me aside.

"I want to show you something"

She opens a door and steps into a stairwell leading down into a basement. She turns back and tells a joke. I laugh. She smiles and looks pleased. She pulls out some papers.

"Take a look and tell me what you think".

There are many pages with drawings of various fractal tile sets.

"These look hand drawn"

I flip through some more pages.

"Now THIS looks hand drawn" I joke at a particularly sloppy one.

She urges me down into the basement to review her work in solitude. I'm sitting on a couch flipping through the pages and a puppy comes running down the stairs barking and yipping at me. Zoey's brother follows "Michael! (jovially) It's been a while!"

I'm about to push the distractions aside and dive back into Zoey's artwork, when I wake up in bed, absolutely buzzing with energy.


Thank you for reading. Any thoughts / interpretations are welcome.

- Bre