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      Dreamt about someone i met once

      so basically in my dream, i was dating this guy, we're both 17, and i remember very clearly that i've met him once or twice because of school events.

      the whole dream just consisted of us going on dates and stuff. in my dream, i felt really happy and giggly. the whole dream just felt real to me.

      then when i woke up, it felt like the dates i went on with this guy actually happened. like i remember getting a cut on my arm on the ride then this morning i found a cut in my finger ((which was probably just a conicidence)) but anyways, i've searched different dream websites and i found nothing similar to what i've dreamt.

      so ya idk hopefully you could tell me what it meant..

      - thea. xx

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      well probably you actually aren't satisfied with the amount of passion you have in your current love life.
      did you actually had a cruch on this guy at high school?
      most likely you feel a hole in your life, you are seeking something more romentic and innocent.
      if you actually had a cruch on him in real life, maybe are you trying to hang on to the idea of joy and insouciance that a teenager's cruch brings.
      if so, i would most likely suggest that you try to do more activities with your partner if you have one
      or maybe just try to be more outgoing with people you don't actually know since it will give you the thrill of meeting someone new and give you back that innocence that you might seek

      hope i helped

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