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    Thread: The woman, the gemstones, the photo camera and my feelings

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      [Solved] The woman, the gemstones, the photo camera and my feelings


      Last night I had the most complex and full of feelings dream in the last years; It was not lucid but yet I had some real feelings there.

      This woman came into my dream; she came some times before but not as clear, as powerful and as close as this time; I really felt good about it and glad as I was expecting her to finally make it. [in reality I know this woman and I really like her in an unique and hard to explain way and reading her body language I believe is reciprocated; although we both are married with kids I feel some strange magnetic fields around me when we are around].

      We were standing in the school-yard [in reality our kids are in the same school] and she seemed to have another little kid [which in reality she don't have]; I remember I felt a little sad seeing the second kid; Suddenly I grabbed her back with one hand and she grabbed mine and there we were standing aside and waiting for a camera to shoot a picture of ourselves; it seemed that the photographer was my kid who was smiling and preparing to make a picture with a camera; Standing there body to body, hand to body, I had a very deep feeling of comfort, of peace and completion; waiting for the photo shoot I realized that camera was not working and this woman had to go and she went a few meters away and started arguing with somebody.

      I have realized then that my gemstones were missing [in reality I always wear a few different types of gemstones on me] and I have started to look for them; finally I have founded them around a corner together with some other gemstones; there were a lot of colors and shapes and didn't know which were mine and which not; I have started to count them and to pick the ones I believed were mine I woke up then.

      Thanks for reading and hope somebody with experience would find a meaning, if there is one, of this dream.

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      Hey I think I have an interpretation for you - I understand this dream to be a sensitive topic so by no means am I asking you to discuss personal information in an open space - perhaps you could message me privately if you wish to further discussion.

      Also before anything further - just know how amazing you are. You really are such a powerful and insightful person with much wisdom to share with the world! Take this dream as simply a warning, you're amazing!

      Dream Meaning:

      The Woman
      I believe you're dreaming of this woman because you're desiring an adventure in passion, love and comfort. It would seem to me that your soul is craving the romance one has when they meet one they're magnetised to. This woman who potentially has feelings of reciprocation is a wonder and an adventure waiting to happen in your eyes.

      The Camera
      The camera won't work because whilst you may think things with her could be 'happily ever after' you must realise this is a counterfeit good.
      The camera taking a photo is almost a declaration in history marking your intimate relationship with her. Yet the camera won't work because I don't think this relationship is meant to be. It's almost like the universe is fighting against it as much as you may want it?

      The Gemstones
      I believe that the Gemstones represent family. They're missing because in the dream you've abandoned them (even without yourself consciously aware) to be with this woman. You've in a sense 'taken off your family'. When you do find them, they're around the corner - which I think is representative of the hiddenness (and potentially shame) of the whole event. Finally you realise there is more than you originally had: this is because in the dream you pursue the woman - if you pursue the woman you realise the effect it would have on both your families having to be unfortunately combined. The many new stones is the picture of her family and yours all coming together - if you pursue the woman you're going to have A LOT on your hands.

      Other thoughts...
      I want to ask you about your current marriage... are you unhappy? Does it lack excitement? Are you someone whose after more 'passion' or 'love' within it? I think if any of your answers to these questions are 'yes' then this dream is an invitation for you to realise the need to rekindle the passionate love you and your wife once had. It's still there I'm sure of it! But now it's time for excitement and adventure to become apparent in the midst of you both!

      My own advice...
      My own advice would be to seriously consider the dangers and hurt an extra-marital relationship can have on you, your family and your partner. I believe you to be a good person having to make a decision here to pursue true love: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails".

      Take some time to think and recognise what you should do, what is right. Take this dream as nothing more than a warning of what the future could hold. Whilst you're attracted to this woman and she does bring you some form of comfort - you really should be finding those emotions from your wife. If you don't have them there at this stage - know that's OK but perhaps its time to work on the rekindling of your friendship and loving relationship you have with her!

      I understand that some of this may be hard - but know that you're amazing and whilst you've got something hard infront of you regarding your marriage - I believe you can make the right decisions and have what you really desire in the right ways too! Stay strong

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      Hello Benjamin

      Thanks for solving my puzzle

      Although I am a novice in dream interpretation I can see clearly you are right. Your deep insight would help me understand any further dream and compare with the real world.

      As you have stated yes this is a very sensitive and defining topic for me in the latest years, maybe that is the reason I have registered on this forum (and this is my first thread). It is a powerful dream for which I have waited to appear because I needed an answer. You see I study and meditate a lot as I want to understand and master both the seen and the unseen world.

      Great forum and People!


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