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    Thread: Very powerful dream.

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      Very powerful dream.

      Normally I have simple dreams, usually just silly things ive thought of throughout the day, but this morning I woke from the most vivid dream ive ever had. It was so intense that I almost woke up screaming.
      Things in () are not part of the dream, just info.

      It started out with a friend of mine dropping me off at the airport, I was coming home for the holidays, and when the plane landed his twin brother picked me up. (The friend that dropped me off is was my best friend in school, and his twin was more like a buddy. Havent seen these 2 in years,)
      While we were leaving, the twin asked me to get him a drink from the restraunt in the airport while he gets the car.
      Well thats the last I saw him. I went outside to wait but much to my surprise on the other side of the door was my old high school, but entirely fenced in. No exit. I did not recognize any of the teachers or students. when I tried to go back into the airport the doors vanished. For some reason I continued on to do school as i normally had. In the first class I went I met this boy and we started talking. He told me we can never leave. We talked for a while through random topics, and I fell in love with him. Even in my dream the emotions were very powerful. Class dismissed and we all went outside, where I immediately went to find this boy, we talked morr and more and the love grew with each word. It was like finding my soulmate in a dream.

      (Heres when things got weird)

      While we were talking another old friend came (i recognized him he was a classmate from when i was in school)
      He started bullying the boy that i had fallen for, so i stood up to him. But he was bigger than me. So i ran. I found a teacher and told her what was happening but right as i did, the brute came and without a word beat the teacher to death. So i ran into the school to get the principal (the principal turned out to be the secretary from my junior high school) i told her what had happened and she immeadiately ran outside. I went to look for the boy. I checked every classroom. Everything in the dream slowly started getting darker and darker. I could not find him. The overhead speakers instructed all the students to line up outside to go back to class, so i went. While i was out there another person i knew came and hugged me ( this was someone i had band with, never saw her outside of class, ever.)
      And she was crying. A man yelled at us, he was the gym teacher, (not the gym teacher that actually was in my school.)
      And the girl yelled at him "what, are we supposed to forget about all this?" She points at me gravely "he loved that boy. He was his everything" i was confused, i thought the teacher had died, but i looked over and saw him, laying there dead. The brute had killed him. I ran over and collapsed on the boys body, laying there in tears. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest and set on fire. The gym teacher grabbed me and said "get back in line." And I was suddenly back in the line with the same girl hugging me, like she hadnt let go. And she said once again "are we supposed to forget all this?"
      The gym teacher looked at me, staring daggers into my eyes and said simply "sins become whispers" as he did the remaining light drained from the scene around me, then i turned to run, but there was someone behind me. It was a creepy looking old nun, dancing and clapping and laughing as she said "Sins become whispers" over and over again, the world was spinning, and falling apart.

      I woke up.
      I was crying.
      I felt like i truly had lost the love of my life.
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      Did you have any traumatic experience in high school? (eg family member or friend passing away, parents divorcing, intense bullying or embarrasement, something significant you did which was against your morals or your family's morals) You might have been reminded of it recently.

      Maybe it's something you haven't fully faced yet & it might be something that involves some guilt. Could be something that authority figures in your life did not or could not help you with. Maybe something you have never told anyone.
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      That dream sounds like it was really powerful indeed. I have had a few of those myself, dreams in which I met the love of my life and she died, and I felt like I died. It's verrrry painful. I find it strange how the feelings from them will cling to me after I have woken up as well, sometimes for quite a while. I hope you're feeling better now.
      That one line is really sticking with me too, "sins become whispers." It almost feels like it's saying that this is what you deserve, you deserve to suffer. I hope that's not what it means.
      What does it mean to you? I think that's really the best way to get an accurate dream interpretation.
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      @Snoopy Aside from bullying in school and the teachers never caring, there really wasnt any trauma, and as far as i know the bullying never bothered me.

      @AnotherDreamer Thats the line thats been getting to me too. Even today, though the dream has just become another entry in my dream journal, I can still hear those words. Like they are taunting me.
      Im not sure why it would mean I deserve to suffer.

      It kinda seems like it means that when people do bad things, after a while people just pretend it never happened, or at least around other people, and it becomes sort of taboo to talk about it, so they do it quietly, whispering if you will.
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      It's strange really, when you start to lucidly question the events in your dreams, sometimes (frequently) the characters turn out to be some kind of ghost, or "old hag" and they attempt to scare you and become more evil the more you're aware of the dream, I've noticed that a lot of dream characters are really hiding behind some kind of fake body that you project, but when you start to notice them, their real side comes out. "Sins become whispers" Sounds like it represents the hiding of evil deeds, such as hit and run, etc. It sounds like something someone evil would say, like "hide your crime" or "lie".

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