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      Weird Bridge Dream

      I had a dream that the guy I had a crush on all semester was driving me home and then suddenly we both had no pants on. We then both got out of his car and had to walk across the Tappen Zee bridge with no pants and it was really dangerous, though my crush was super encouraging. The bridge was really thin in my dream and surrounded by this blue blue water. I held onto his arm so tight and I felt nervous, but happy. I was having fun. Across the bridge was New York City.

      So when we made it to NYC I noticed his pants had magically reappeared on his butt and I was kind of upset cause I still wasn't wearing pants. So I asked if he would buy me pants. He said yes and he kissed my forehead.

      Any clue what this dream could mean?

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      My best guess is the dream symbolizes you thinking about what if you what would happen you went on to the next stage of your relationship with your crush. You thought it would be dangerous to move on to the next stage of the relationship, but then again, maybe if you got to know him a little better, it would have worked out just fine.

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