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      HELP! Weird dream includes pregnancy, death, fish and weird men from the 60's

      Ok so I have read the “Do you want your dream interpreted? Read this first” thread, so I’m going to try and cram in as much info as I can into this post so I apologies for the length of this thread.

      1) Don't merely write a brief summary of your dream. Give us your whole dream, everything you can possibly remember. Include as many details as possible, anything you can think of, even if it doesn't seem important at the time.

      2) Don't just tell us what happened in your dream. Tell us how you felt in the dream, your "dream emotions", particularly how specific events in your dream made you feel.

      I had a dream set in the 60’s well I think it was the 60’s as everyone was dressed as though they had just stepped of the set of Mad Men. Anyway I was pregnant in my dream but it was early in the pregnancy and I wasn’t showing or anything like that. Only I knew I was pregnant. I was shopping in a city, there were HUGE building all around me, lots and lots of stairs and lots and lost people. Anyway, there were 2 men, both dressed in black suits with black hats. One of the men had a gun and just started shooting everyone. The other man was walking around the dead/wounded and any people who were still alive he would kneel down next to them and snap their necks. I was wounded in the stomach at the top of the stairs and the man with gun (not the one snapping necks) knelt down next to me to snap my neck. I told him I was pregnant and to please not break my neck…instead I pleaded with him to let me die from bleeding out so that I could spend the last of moments alive with my unborn baby. He agreed as he stood up and walked away. The next thing I knew I was walking down an arcade styled street (you know the ones you think you would see in Italy with the cobble stoned roads with buildings either side and a fountain…one of those) I was almost night time and there were no people around…there was only me. I remember looking down at my stomach and seeing a patch of bandage on my stomach and I pulled it off and a piece of my flesh fell and hung of the bullet wound. It hurt and I so I stuck the bandage back down. I began walking down the cobbled path and came across a small dead koi like fish…I felt sorry for the fish. I kept walking and came across another small dead koi like fish and again felt sorry for it. I kept talking and came across this large urn like water feature and inside were 2 beautiful alive koi like fish swimming around. I remember feeling happy and sad at the same time. Happy because there were fish that were still alive but sad because I felt like the dead fish had been removed from the urn and left on the floor gasping and dying.

      And that’s it

      3) Tell us about yourself! And not just the essential info such as sex, age, family situation, etc... include anything that you think might be of relevance to something that happened in your dream. For instance, if you see a friend in your dream, tell us about that friend in real life, how you feel about him/her, etc.

      About me? I’m 29 year old female and am married with 2 children. In November 2013 I had a miscarriage and in may just gone I had an ectopic pregnancy. When my ectopic pregnancy was discovered it was also found out that I was released egg from both ovaries and it was thought I may have been pregnant with twins however this proved wrong. I was given a very toxic drug to kill my pregnancy and stop it from growing this did not work and so I was given a second dose. The second dose looked like it was working but 4 days later saw me being admitted to hospital to have a left salpingectomy (removal of my left tube). Both pregnancies were not planned. I have been very emotional since loosing both babies and both my husband and I have decided we would like another child, however fear it may not be possible for us too now. I’m assuming this dream is linked to these experiences, as I was pregnant in my dream.

      Again sorry for the length of this. If you have any more question please ask. Would love to know what people think all this mean.

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      To be honest it's really complex but here are a few brief thoughts I had...
      The men with guns might represent fate, or a chaotic destructive force. I'm sure it was very difficult to rationalize the terrible and painful experiences you had. The mass shooter might embody the random and senseless destruction you felt characterized the miscarriage and the ectopic pregnancy. As for the fact that it took place in a Mad Men-style 60's setting, it makes me think of sexual inequality and the fact that women's identities were overtly intertwined with their reproductive capabilities and offspring. Maybe this was the dream's way of externalizing your feelings about your babies. In the dream there are a few hints that you feel like your identity is not separate from those of your unborn babies (I assume this is natural for most pregnant women) for example, you asking the man in the black suit not to kill you so you could spend more time with your baby, and the fact that part of your flesh came off with the bullet wound. The bullet wound you sustained in the dream seems to be a metaphor for your miscarriage, or the damage you felt from your miscarriage, and men in black suits are commonly known to represent death in dreams. So maybe, subconsciously, you feel like part of you was damaged or died with your miscarriage. Of course, only you can decide if any of this interpretation feels like it belongs with your dream.

      As for the second part of the dream with the koi fish, it seemed really beautiful and poignant. It seems apparent that the two dead koi fish were the twins you thought you were pregnant with that had to be terminated, and whose loss you are still mourning (whether or not they were twins in the first place is unimportant). The two living koi fish are your real life children who are alive and well. It's important that in the second half of the dream, the bullet wound you sustained in the beginning of the dream is still there and is still painful. You try to take the bandage off, but it isn't healed yet, part of you comes away with it, and you have to cover it up again. However, it's good that you feel joy for the living koi fish (your children) at the end, since that is something you can hang onto that will help you get through the pain of what you went through.

      I don't think there's any advice or message to be had from the dream - it is indicative that you are still in a difficult place because of what happened and you still have a lot of healing to do. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time. Best of luck with everything.

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