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      The Midnight Stabber

      So a friend of mine had a dream and she is interested in the interpretation of it. All ideas welcome:

      I will call my friend Wendy.

      In the dream an ex roommate of Wendy's, who in the dream was not her roommate, was running around the city stabbing women. We'll call this roommate Mary. In real life Wendy can not remember ever having an issue with this girl. Anyway, in the dream Wendy is sitting at the dinner table with her mom and cousin. Wendy sees Mary running to the table, at the end of which is a sharp knife. Wendy runs and grabs the knife first and then immediately wakes up. Wendy feels like she might have won but also had the impression that Mary was going to win by overpowering her, grabbing the knife and stabbing her and her entire family.

      What could the meaning be?

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      Well, not every dream is a reflection of yourself. Often times dreams really don't have any meaning at all. Though if there's a connection between the interpretation of a dream and the dreamer's waking life, then there might be a message from their subconscious.

      If you ask me, I'd say Wendy might be experiencing something in her life in which she's unsure about the outcome of a situation. Mary could be a representation of the negative outcome, while Wendy could be attempting to gain the positive outcome. Also, waking up right at that moment might also have a meaning. The fact that it was an ex-roommate might mean that it involves someone close to her and not necessarily her ex-roommate. Then again, I'm no dream interpreter so this could be incorrect, or I may be over-thinking it.

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