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      Any thoughts on this snake dream? I'm scheduled for surgery and I'm not sure medicare will pay for it. I asked to have a dream about whether they will pay or if I'll get stuck with the cost. I saw the snake in two different dreams last night. Both times the boa like snake was standing totally erect like a fence post. It wasn't being aggressive. If anything just maybe looking at me. I only remember the second dream where me and a friend were planting something in a long planter box with a shovel. As I was digging the box appeared standing on end and the dirt fell away to reveal the snake. Maybe it didn't even relate to the upcoming surgery. Some sources say a snake can represent the medical profession as in the symbol they use of a serpent wrapped around a staff.
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      I don't believe that dreams can predict the future since they are merely a representation (and symbols) for what already exists in our minds, whether in our consciousness or unconsciousness. Snakes can represent healing (medicine) and fear. The symbol of the snake is found across many cultures in similar contexts. The fact that you saw the snake repeatedly in your dreams suggest that you are worrying and afraid of something, most likely the surgery (since the snake also symbolizes healing).

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