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      Possible visitation dream from deceased boyfriend?

      I cannot remember much of my dream but as far as I know it was a very very short dream. To start off, my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my soulmate, and I got into a car accident a little over two months ago and he passed away that night on impact. We were drinking that night, which is relevant to my dream. I've had 3 dreams that I know were actually him visiting me in my dream. Those were all in the first week everything happened. I haven't had any since then because I've been drinking alot and I read that if you often consume alcohol it makes it harder to remember your dreams. So I stopped for two days and then last night I had this dream: All I can remember is walking towards a car knowing it was his car even though it's not one he's ever driven. It was kind of like I had recognized it without ever seeing it before. I was hoping he'd be there but I knew he couldn't be because he was dead and then I saw a hand and arm inside so I ran to the passenger side and opened it and there were beer cans in the floor and he was crying so much. I couldn't talk at all. I was so incredibly happy to see him but sad because he was crying. I thought that wherever he ended up after he passed, he was sad there. But as soon as I opened that door and saw him I immediately started crying and went in to hug him and he pulled me in and we just sat there hugging and crying for I don't know how long. There were no words exchanged. Then I woke up and I was crying. I thought he was laying there with me. It's kind of like I felt his body there, but then I realized it wasn't and I ended up just crying myself back to seep. Any help with this would be nice whether it's a visitation dream or not.

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      I've also had close friends/family visit me just after they had died. I can't quite say its similar to your situation, because in almost every instance of me coming in contact with the deceased they don't remember they are dead, and I have to explain it to them. This leads me to believe that these instances of mine are more DC acting like those who have died. Your situation sounds much more personal and emotional, to where I would also wonder if he were visiting you.

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      I personally don't believe that it is possible to see the dead in dreams, so I am going to automatically say that, no I don't believe he visited you.

      That said, it is pretty common to see people you know, or knew in dreams, especially people who are tied to important memories and stuff. I don't think it is that important if you actually see the person or not, because you are experiencing memories of that person, and to you, those memories are a real thing and they matter. If you can remember the person, and feel connected to them in a dream, I don't think it should matter if they are 'real' or not. They can have important meanings outside that.

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