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      Talking please explain this dream which is about my best friend

      i have dreamed last night that my best friend was sleeping in an old house alone and then later he woke up and got ready to go then he went to a ballet studio where there was nothing there but mirrors and poles but he can see a really beautiful ballerina dancing on a really sad music but in real she wasn’t there , also there was a really bad looking witch who is wearing black and she is responsible for making him see that ballerina after the ballerina finished her dance he got close to her and asked her to go out with him and she accepted then the black witch manged to get inside the girl but he cant see her he is only seeing the beautiful girl but in real everybody seeing that devil witch then he gave her a really dark red flower and he saw a smile with a blush on the girl face but it was the witch who is laughing
      then he got to go on one way out of two the right one was really narrow and bad but at the end is really really beautiful but the left one is really nice big road but at the end u can see a lots of torture
      and he went through the left way

      i wanna really to know what is this dream is all about

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      To give a good interpretation, it usually would be good to have some information about your friend such as his age, his job and what kind of person he is etc. but sleeping alone in an old house might mean that he is not aware (“asleep”) about being “alone” by not having enough good relationships for example.

      A ballet studio is where music is played and people dance. This probably means that your friend has to look better at his feelings and emotions.

      It looks like he can’t really see much that’s “real” about his feelings and his overall situation in life (e.g. the mirrors, the witch who makes him see the ballerina who is not really there).

      The black witch means that something inside him is making him feel that everything is OK about how he treats other people etc. For example, he might believe that he is kind etc. but maybe he really isn’t feeling that way about the people at all.

      Also, ballet is “high art” mostly seen by rich people, so maybe your friend tries to feel important and acts that way when he really isn’t yet.

      It looks like the dream is saying that it could be very hard to stop believing that everything is OK and nice (by taking the right road which is narrow and bad) but his life can turn out to be good in the end (the end of the road is beautiful) if he works at becoming more aware of what’s going on about his real feelings and the reality of his situation etc.

      If he stays unaware by taking the road to the left, doing that will be very easy at first (it’s a nice big road) but in the end, he will feel very bad (lots of torture).

      I hope these ideas can help.

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