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      Ocean, flood and my robot clone.

      Hello guys. I was hoping maybe you could help me to understand this dream I had. As far as background information, there wasn't really anything interesting in my life lately, except for the fact that I'm trying to be a better person, going through various ups and downs on the way. I'm spiritual and I believe in God and I'm trying to get rid of all of the negativity and bring in more positivity to my life. So even if you can't connect the dream with this background information, I'd be thankful if you could tell me what this symbolism mean in general.

      Alright, so in the dream I'm surrounded by water. All I can see is water like I was standing in the middle of an ocean. Besides me, there is a robot version of myself. I can tell it kind of looks like me, the same face features etc., but it is a sophisticated machine, not a primitive robot. It seems like it's capable of thinking on it's own and in every aspect resembles a person. Now on the surface of water, there are three big devices arranged in various places, kind of looking like satellites, something like this:
      Spoiler for picture:

      Now the robot tells me to disconnect these satellites for him. I was feeling like I was under his influence, I didn't really think about what I'm doing at first. He just wanted me to do something and I would assume that it is the right thing to do, so I did it. All these thoughts came after I woke up though, because during the dream I wasn't thinking, I just naturally did what he asked me. Almost like I was his puppet. I don't know if I was swimming or walking on the water or flying but I went to the first satellite-thing and disconnected it. Once I disconnected it, a small light started to glow on the robot's chest. Like something got turned on for him, when I turned off the satellite if I'm making any sense. Went to the second satellite, did the same thing, the second light on his chest came on.

      To this point, I wasn't really aware of my surroundings other than I was surrounded by water and it felt kind of wet, but I didn't really feel it in full, but now the sensation became stronger. I could hear the ocean waves and it got much more real. I was about to disconnect the third satellite. Now on the robot face it seemed like there was almost a little mischievous grin, like "go on, do it, my plan is almost complete". I was "this close" to disconnecting the satellite and I heard this voice inside me telling me not to do it. Now I felt like I woke up from hypnosis, like I was blinded and suddenly my eyes opened. Before then I was helping the robot and I didn't even question him, but now I was thinking "why was I doing all of this?".
      Out of nowhere I found me and my family sitting on a small wooden boat. I felt that there is a giant wave coming and I got the sense of Biblical flood, like this isn't just me in the middle of some ocean, it was on global scale. I asked out loudly, "how do I protect myself?". I looked around and the satellite dish fell off of it. The voice inside me said "take this and cover yourself", so I covered the boat with the dish and the wave came. Me and my family were unharmed but the robot fell into the water and was destroyed. After that I felt really happy and secure.

      Now my simple understanding is that the robot was representing the bad side of me and that I do things and don't think about them like I'm in a daze. Also I feel that the voice inside me could or could not represent God, but definitely I felt His helping hand when I was unharmed by the giant wave. But maybe you could give me a more comprehensive interpretation?

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