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      Flying Bats ...anyone having the same dream as i had? anyone can pls help with interpretation pls...

      Hi all, I'm having this weird dream today. I was not very well and went for a late noon nap. It's rare occasion that i could go into lucid dreaming during noon naps (as the intention is not for long sleeping hours).

      In my dream, i was in a beautifully interior decorated and well lit house. For no special reason, i was walking towards a room...looks seeming cozy room with many nice book shelves and with door leading to outside (could be the side lawn or something but i can't see as the outside weather is dark and rainy). There were gushes of wind from outside so i had a hunch to check on the doors leading to outside and when i noticed it was unlocked, i tried to lock it. It seemed fine when i had it locked. The room's interior remains to be cozy and noticeably warm wood coloured furniture.

      Then, out of nowhere im having my visiting grandmother coming by. She suddenly appeared and saying she wants to see if can utilize my house's hall (suddenly my house seemed like a mansion with halls and all!) for some event or something like that (this part of her conversation was vaguely remembered as she seemed to be talking really fast...unlike the my real grandmother who's 86yrs old and talks slow with maturity) Then when i tried to usher her to look into one of my rooms (im also not sure why i show her room when she is asking for hall...) i opened a door (as though i know the place around very well although this is first time i dreamt of this my so-called house) to a very nicely decorated room - bright and well lit with lavish interior - but again out of nowhere when i looked up to the ceiling of my room/ hall supposedly transparent for star gazing area, but i noticed it was partially 'open-air'...really roofless! And what's worst is that the outside sky is dark, no stars, and seemed to be drizzling. So i can feel the slight raindrops on my face as i looked up the ceiling. At that moment, i feel a little embarrassed as though my room/hall is unfit to have anyone around to see it and whats-more for any event to be held there.

      Then, next i realized the long curtains where moving with gushes of wind from outside environment (outside was dark and gloomy), there and then i realized the corner of my sunroom windows (it's high and long windows closed to ground) where actually windows no longer there, so just the window panes left. It didn't seemed broken as no broken glass hanging nor any shattered glass on the floor but it is just open-air as though no windows were there at all!! And in my dream, i was thinking 'what in the world had happened here?' as though i don't know if my windows were taken away, broken or what happened..it wasn't obvious at first due to the dark environment outside so can't tell no windows when entered the room.

      Suddenly, bats seemed to be flying into this room/ hall into my grandmother and my direction. She gasped and i realized it was so close to us that i simply raised my arms to block it (somewhat protecting posture to avoid flying onto our face) but when the bats touches my hand/ arm, it just died off. The bats just froze dead and dropped to the ground. More and more bats where flying towards our direction so now i suddenly know i could kill it by just touching it, i simply point my fingers at the bats and when it touches my fingers, it dropped dead on the floor. I feel so strange as the bat does bled but its' blood is frozen...not the type oozing out of a dead bird. They look a little fake to me like dark black bird toys lying on the ground.

      Then suddenly, the rain water getting heavily and clogged water level raised higher closed to the window panes about to be pouring into the room in no time. Then i see cars with headlights on trying to move away from the flooded ground...driving away...all happening in front of my eyes, so closed to my windows, visibility about just 5 meters away (Strangely, this room/ hall looks like leading to the outside car parking area...where can see other public people (bcos i can't see the driver - too dark, but it is obvious not someone i know due to unknown car) having drive their cars to detour to low land water) Then one of the car was my husband's car whereby he too was caught in the high rainwater flooding the area.

      When i was panicking what to do with the oncoming rainwater about to flood my room, i saw my husband's car and he simply maneuver parked and headed towards my 'open' window (yup, no glass at all so is open window!) and i shouted to him 'look...it's flooding inside here...oh no!!!' but he said there's still time and he entered through the door (out of nowhere, there's a door leading to this room from outside where he parked his car just now..outside now looks like a lawn but too dark and gloomy outside that i can't tell...just my feeling was it was a lawn at that moment instead of car park space) and he gathered in the room while the door he used to entered was slightly ajar with rain pouring in...but i didn't bother to close it as there is already wide open windows which i thought to myself is even a big open space for rain pouring in.

      I suddenly woke up. Feeling strange what is this all about, i tried to search online to many websites and sorta trying to analyze what my dream is trying to tell me.

      Sorry if my above written dream is too long as i tried no to missed out on any details, in case it matters to decipher the dream meaning even better.

      I believe all dreams brings an insight either to our inner soul, our deepest thoughts or even our deepest fear. And to understand our dreams will help us in our reality world in handling the many challenges we are facing or about to face. Despite myself having many dreams throughout my life eversince im a child until a grown adulthood now, but im not gifted in dream interpretation and most of the time struggling to understand why i'm dreaming and even dreaming more than anyone else (my family, friends and acquaintances) around me. Hence, i really do hope and would be grateful for someone or anyone in this community space can lend me a helping hand if can please help me on the meaning of my dream. Many thanks in advance~! = )
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