Outside, it had just stopped raining, and I found a spooked horse (I called it a pony in my dream). A dying, old man lying on the ground was attached to the horse by a rope tied around his wrist to the horse's saddle. The horse was very pretty; it was white with speckles of black on its body and stood a little under 6 feet.
I walked up to the horse and the dying, old man told me to untie his rope and take care of his "beloved horse" and then he died. Keep in mind, this all happened in a matter of a few seconds, too. I walked up to the horse and tamed it within a matter of seconds and it was calm and listened to me. (I was not afraid of the horse at all, but felt responsibility and compassion towards it.) When I walked the horse indoors, it began to rain again outside.

What did it mean to tame a horse in this manner?