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      "Destined to hit when the smoke hits the water"

      What do you think the phrase (title) of my dream means?

      More details about the dream:

      I'm in some sort of wooden building/structure, I think it was a ship on land. There is a bluegrass band, and they are very good. The leader of the band approaches me and asks me to sing lead for them. Of course I am thrilled, but also unsure and nervous. I figured they only wanted me to sing, so I put away my ukulele. I run upstairs to the bathroom to go put on make-up and brush my hair, but realize I don't have time. I head back downstairs unmade-up. Now they are outside my house on the driveway. They see I don't have my uke and tell me to play as well as sing, which surprises me. But before I go to get my uke, one of the guys hands me his very special mandolele (mandolin ukulele). It's gorgeous, and also electric. I'm really unsure of playing it because it's just too nice. Right before we start to play, the neighbors suddenly have 100 kids on their driveway and they start playing toy instruments. I am a bit dismayed at the timing.

      Before I wake up I hear "Destined to hit when the smoke hits the water."

      Thoughts? I'm specifically interested in what "smoke hits the water" might mean? Thank you.
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      Do you know the song "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple? Maybe it has something to do with it.

      Where there is smoke, there is usually fire somewhere. While water can extinguish a fire, but there can be smoke on the water when there is fire nearby. Water often symbolizes the subconscious. Fire makes me think of crisis, emergency, heat, anger, strong emotion. Smoke could also be there after fire is gone already, when it is past the main event, and only smoke remains.

      I was struck how in this dream, even though you were thrilled that you were asked to perform, but you delayed and procrastinated. Searching out make up, putting down and then having to find the ukulele. You reject the nadalele because it is just too nice to play - is that also a delaying tactic. Then the other kids begin to play, and presumably that also means the timing is not right for you to perform.

      Maybe the smoke on the water obscures it, and instead of seeing clearly and doing what you really want, excuses and delays, cause the timing to not be right, obscuring the real reason why you are not ready to perform, much like smoke is obscuring the water, what is on your mind that you have set up delaying tactics and excuses not to perform, maybe?
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