Good afternoon all! I'm here after spending half a day trying to interpret the notes I scribbled between walking last night, needless to say, I'm confused.
Firstly, dream one included the following: I was standing in an empty car park with my husband when I handed some money to someone I don't know, I felt good about this gesture. Then from nowhere we were surrounded by some knife wielding men, all bald but we weren't scared, we disarmed these people and took home their knives. Whilst at home my 12yr old daughter was playing with a knife until we told her to put it down which she did happily before handing me some beautifully delicate knitting. I took the knitting to turn around and see an elderly couple who had been looking after the children but whom I didn't recognise. The gentleman took off his wristwatch and handed it to me and the lady handed me two pairs of spectacles, one of which was a clear pair with a broken left lens.
After taking these I realised that the item of knitting was a knitted babygrow that was too small for my son who is eight so I unravelled it to make a rather exquisite bear instead. At this point I woke up but didn't feel anything other than complete calm.
As I usually do, I got myself comfortable and went back to sleep.
This time I was in an unfamiliar house with people I don't know but who knew me. I was playing with a sticky beard when two of my teeth fell out, I wasn't disturbed by this and looked in the mirror and was quite happy with how I looked. I took the teeth into the kitchen to throw in the bin, popped the lid open and saw a furry Orange spider sitting on a rather full web and the bin was full. I shut the bin, turned around to go out and realised that I was actually in a full exam hall and needed to be quiet. The spider didn't phase me at all but having to be really quiet did. I again woke up and scribbled the key points.
Getting comfy again I went into dream three, it's a tad scrambled and its only the following key points I remember:
I was showing my husband some fish that were flying past a lamppost to get to a pond.
I had an Amish lady in my home who I recognise from a tv programme showing me lots of full 2lt soda bottles.
I was making her a cup of coffee while boiling my kettle on a wobbly shelf.

Nothing in any of the dreams made me feel negatively apart from being quiet which surprised me as I'm not loud in walking life.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks