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      Recurring dream interpretation needed

      Hi All

      Hope someone can help with this. Over the last 12 months I have been having a recurring dream. It goes like this......

      I am back at college (I left 27 years ago) but not necessarily with people from my time there. The people are from different periods of my life. Everything is OK apart from the fact that I have an important assignment to complete and this dominates all other things in the dream. It doesn't stop me doing other things but it is constantly there needing to be done.

      When I wake up from the dream the first thing that I think about is this assignment but I realise that I passed my degree so I must have completed/passed the assignment.

      Anyone got any ideas.


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      I don't have a huge amount of experience in dream analysis apart from my Psychology A level, which only really took Freud's perception on things (and I doubt this dream has anything to do with sex with your mother!). But if you were to look at it plainly, it seems like there's the equivalent of a college assignment weighing on the back of your mind - maybe something you're repressing or haven't though about recently?

      Dreaming is your minds way of delving into your subconscious, i.e. anything that may be too traumatic for your conscious mind to deal with that may give you discomfort. To make dreams more bearable, the mind will represent this problem with something much easier to deal with - your assignment.

      Try and think if there's anything that you may have thought needs to be done in your life for the past 12 months, that may even be hard to face (like losing weight, making amends with someone you've fallen out with, quitting your job, etc.), and tackle it head on.

      That's what a psychologist or psychiatrist would tell you anyway, I'm sure, and that's just my initial thought. If this seems way off the mark, let me know and I'll have another crack at it

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