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      Going to try and give as much info as possible....

      So, There's this guy, i have met/seen about 10 times in a 2 year period. The last time i saw him was over a year ago. Now, when i did see him it was a very standard "hi how are you" kind of conversation. Nothing ever happened between us, but i did find myself extremely attracted to him. So since seeing him early last year out one night, he has since moved countries so i know i wont see him anytime soon...
      Now, my dreams....
      I have dreamt marrying him... I've dreamt having more kids and him being there as they were born. In my dreams when i am with him, I'm in such an amazing, happy place. I am happy, he is happy. When i dream of all of this, there is other people around us... my family, my friends, people that i met when i first met him. I don't even know him, yet he is so vivid in my dreams.
      I'm a single mum with 3 kids, 35yo, and the times after i have had these dreams, i feel like it's telling me that what I'm dreaming is that "relationship " I'm looking for.... like- everyone wants to be in a happy, loving, fun, amazing relationship, and i feel my dreams are showing me what i want and what I'm looking for/hoping for in the very near future, but why him? Why someone i don't know from a bar of soap... Yes, I'm so attracted to him, but am really struggling to get my head around it all.... The very few things i know about him is his work background, he is single, no kids, and that's about all i know .. I hope I've put enough information to get some answers... i asked elsewhere and was pretty much told that "i think of him too much so what do i expect, of course I'm going to dream about him, nothing else to it", which isn't true because the only time i think of him is after these crazy, what feels so real, dreams... any answers would be greatly appreciated

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      Well I'm guessing no one can help to give me some understanding... that kinda sucks cause i don't know what other site to try... O well...

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      I'll give it a go.

      The key is you were extremely attracted to him. Even if consciously you didn't think about him, maybe it seems possible he represents that relationship you want which that attraction activated even unconsciously which could be very powerful.
      But dreams are usually symbolic. So he could truly mean having a great relationship with yourself, and loving yourself more, by joining with this other side of you which the man can represent. Committing yourself to it will enable you to give birth to this this new side of you, which the kids can mean, and be amazingly happy.
      It seems the male usually means being in control, being assertive, putting things into action, and all the strengths a woman might need more, especially a single mother.

      Could what you were attracted to be this? Or maybe the way he was? His confidence and strength or stuff like this? Could he have just been anyone you were attracted to, that makes him fit the symbol? Or does he have some specific qualities that stood out? It certainly seems happiness though.
      And the fact you don't know him increases the meaning, if you don't know this other side of you. Which contrasts with family, friends, people that you met when you first met him, as if you want to be as close to him, being that important.
      Not to say it can't possibly be the relationship idea too.

      Of course there is always the possibility it's more, or less if you get what I mean, and a rare dream. You were instantly attracted to him.
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