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      Dreamt of my unrequited love dying

      I have an unrequited love for a friend and tonight I dreamt about them dying, and me crying a lot because of it. Many guess that it means feelings for that person waning, but I can't agree with that.
      What could her dying symbolize in my dream ?

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      If you want a dream analysis you have to tell the dream in detail as well as explaining anything going on in your life at the time that might affect it and any associations with images or ideas in the dream - things they might remind you of. Nobody can do a dream analysis from a single brief sentence. In fact most of the work of dream analysis is done by the person who had the dream - they need to seek answers as truthfully as possible. If they don't no dream analyst can pull answers from thin air. Really the analyst is mainly there to keep prompting the dreamer to look deeper into the symbolic meanings of the dream and to help explain how symbolic language works in dreams.
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