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      "A Dark Green Serpent Attacking My Pet Dog"


      I would like to share to you a dream I had last night.

      Summary: "A Dark Green Serpent Appeared At Our Home, Tried To Attack My Pet Dog. When I Rescued My Dog, She Instead Bit My Hand"

      In Detail:
      I was home and the time was around evening. Suddenly I heard unusual scratching noises upstairs. I was cautious about going because it could possibly be a criminal breaking into the house so I tried to bring a weapon but the airsoft rifle was charging so I brought anything that I could use to defend myself just in case. When I reached the top of the stairs I saw a dark green serpent coming out of the room, It's Fangs Is Visible & Hostile and is trying to attack my dog on the adjacent room, the dog is very scared and was barking and running. I'm not sure if she was bitten by the dark green serpent but at that moment I just thought of rescuing her from the attacking serpent but when I held her she Bit me and she was showing her teeth & barking at me. At that point I was awakened, A bit Scared because it felt almost real. A bit Scared because it felt almost real & I was wondering why my pet dog is acting hostile towards me.

      * My Pet Dog Is A Female Shitzu, Color Is black but looks like a chihuahua (Her Parents Was A Crossbreed of Shitzu & Chihuahua)

      * The Dark Green Serpent Looked Like This But Is Dark Green In Color

      I would like to attach pictures on how my pet looks like & how the dark green serpent looked like but The forum board does not allow me to post a link or attach pictures on my posts

      I'm A Male, 34 Years Old

      Thank You Very Much

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      This dream is about you dealing with an issue with one of your friends. Like the dog in the dream your friend is struggling with this green snake which represents an issue of envy (green in this case means envy, like the saying ď green with envy). You try to intervene but your friend becomes defensive. Waiting for your gun to charge might be the key to handing the situation. Guns represent authority, so you need to wait for the right timing to intervene because itís still charging.
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      If you have been bitten, it makes one defensive, and can darken the heart into hurt.
      So you don't end up bitting the hand that feels you, don't feed the hand that bites you.

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