About me:
Iím a 19 year old Male. Iíve currently had a gap year where i joined the military for basic training. Before that i had been severely depressed for 4-5 years. I first started gaining confidence and happiness after joining the military. About a month ago i was at a festival where i met a girl from another country whom iíve fallen for. I recently visited her and we had some fun (in general and sexually). I guess that might be relevant since i saw her smiling at me in this dream right before the messed up part, after she had disappeared:

I canít remember how, but for some reason some glass broke and there were shards everywhere. I somehow got struck by the tiny shards in my leg and feet. There were a TON of tiny shards, and then they got kind of absorbed under my skin and i just kept on walking. Then at some point they started emerging out again, and i thought Iíd better pick them out. There was a ton of shards as i said, and now a bit of blood. I pulled them out piece by piece and for some reason it felt good. But not long after when i was pulling out shards in my leg the shards i pulled out got bigger and bigger, and more and more painful to pull out. More shards kept emerging as i kept pulling them out. At one point i was thinking ďI hope this next shard isnít as big as it looks!Ē And painfully picked it out of my leg until it was completely out. When i looked at my leg, there was nothing inside anymore but a bone under my skin (so my leg was almost hollow). For some reason it felt good though, having removed all of the big shards, which was extemely painful.
The focus thatís been on my mind has mostly been on the shards - ESPECIALLY that last shard that was so big and painful to pull out of my leg.