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    Thread: Offering to a Lioness

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      Offering to a Lioness

      This morning 9/27 I had a dream I was with a group of people and for some reason had to go on a trip. I ended up flying what seems like either different worlds or states. It seemed like i was flying through different dimensions. I am naturally afraid of heights so I was a bit scared but I couldn't control no being able to fly. I remember seeing an all yellowish brown rock cliff and pine trees and all of a sudden telling myself to rip out the testicles of a snow monkey maybe. I all of a sudden ended up in front of an Lioness she was laying but propped up and she was sort of glowing. I gave her the monkey's privates as an offering for her to accept me. She took the offering and ate it and then remained by my side. After i am standing she is standing on my right hand side and a cobra comes towards my left. I was scared of the cobra since I don't like reptiles but I remained calmed. Off to my left was this lady who was scared of the Cobra and the Lioness. It seemed as though this lady had maybe said something negative about me or knew of something and the Cobra was confronting the lady. I was scared of the Conra still but In my mind I was surprised that the cobra was defending me. The Lioness remained by my sode the whole time calm. I've had previous dreams with Lions tellings me things like "Luck doesn't have luck" this was a year ago and it was around the time I had applied to a medical program in which I am not in. And in the dream I remember saying in my head before giving the offering to the Lioness if she would be my spirit animal. If someone could interpret this I can't stop thinking of what it May be
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      In your travels and freedom with the group, maybe you try to attain a different state of being, and you have to rip out the cold male ideas dominating this that are perhaps out of control.
      Or to get over the cliff, grow tall.

      Then all of a sudden you can confront the feminine or group or social area, glowing.
      Acceptance then comes with this, by your side.

      Then you stand tall, with this on your right side.
      But the solitary cold on the wrong side can still hurt if you don't control fear, negative thinking, and be calm.
      You can't be lucky with luck alone I guess; it requires the skill, work, control.

      Maybe you want your spirit to become strong in this area, the group idea or belonging, which I think the lioness means.
      Perhaps again your dream refers to what area you are trying to join out there.

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