Strangers come to my front door and I have to kill them with a knife. Meanwhile my parents and my sister are sitting in the sitting room with my dog and when there is a killer they get me to go. Thereís times where I have to quickly run to grab a knife from the kitchen if I donít have one already so that they donít break into the house into the sitting room where my parents and sister are weaponless. There is like different types of people who turn up because itís like the person has been possessed. Iíve had a baby before, the last guy I had was a follow up from a fake pizza delivery where I stabbed him in his stomach. This follow up guy started to run away and then I shouted hahah you baby then he ran back so I shut the door because I wasnít quite prepared then behind him I see a woman and like 3 children walk up the estates parking lot from their car. Iím looking through the doors glass and the murderer can see my face, we both notice at the same time so when I look at his face he smirks and then quickly runs at that them with a weapon (not sure what) i then run into my family and say heís got the neighbours they looked just as panicked as me. Then I woke myself up and made myself stay awake because that was too stressful. The dream made me feel really intensely panicked especially when answering the door.