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    Thread: Labyrinths, androids & vortexes

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      Post Labyrinths, androids & vortexes

      Hi all!

      I'll preface this by saying I tend to have a lot of vivid dreams. I have a fairly active imagination, and actively write creatively for multiple hours per day. I also take valerian root from time to time as I have difficulty getting asleep and staying asleep.

      That aside, this dream was just bonkers. Most of the time I can sort of piece together some sort of meaning from it, but this one really threw me for a loop. I'm pulling all of this from my dream journal entry from this morning, so it might be a bit disjointed in places.

      There are bits and pieces of this dream that I don't really remember very well, just feelings of being in a great, empty space, a long valley between mountains, black volcanic stone and thick green moss. What I remember clearly is the labyrinth. I dreamt of a cavern, a deep and winding system well beneath the surface of the Earth, but it was more like an underground maze. The walls were smooth and made of something like sandstone. I kept touching the walls, running my hands over them as we walked, and the rooms changed regularly. Some were massive, and some were so small that I had to crouch to crawl through them. It was full dark, but we used flashlights to light our way. I was with two men, but one of them wasn't a man, I think he was an android, but I couldn't tell if that was important or not. The other man I was very distrustful of. He didn't do anything to make me feel that way, I just had a deeply intense, innate dislike of him.

      We were searching for something in the cave/labyrinth. It was full of puzzles and traps that we slowly worked our way through, and I'm was very aware of the fact that something was following us. It wasn't an overbearing presence, it wasn't not menacing, and it didn't necessarily feel malicious, but there were definitely eyes upon us as we moved through each different chamber in this labyrinth. Every once and awhile I would switch to the pursuing presence, and it's just a group of young women. I'm with them, and present among them, they speak to me, but I don't do anything or say anything when I'm with them. They talk a lot about the maze, about how they know the labyrinth. It feels like they built it, and that they're trying to protect it from us, but they never directly interfere with our path, they only pursue us.

      Eventually, the two men and myself reach a long tunnel, and one of the men is talking about alignments and how the planets are all wrong. The wall at the end of the tunnel slides back, and there's a room full of light. It's definitely a room because I can see the ceiling, but it's also an ocean, and at the center is a vortex. The waves are high and churning toward a spiralling interior, like it's spinning down a drain, but the water level never lowers. The man that I don't like very much, says we need to go in, so he ties a length of rope around himself, attaches it to the other man (the android) and jumps in, leaving me alone with the other man.

      We're standing on a little platform above the water, watching the churning waves. The other man says something like "I guess you should go". I admit that I don't want to, but he ties a second rope around my middle, takes me to the water, kisses me on the cheek and helps me in.

      And then I woke up.

      I would greatly appreciate any help you'd be able to offer in decoding this dream! It's been driving me up the wall all day, and I really just can't get my finger on why it resonated with me so much.
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      Lightbulb Confronting Yourself

      DARKNESS -

      Life can seem a dark labyrinth, full of puzzles and traps.
      This seems about emptiness, a long valley or depression, with mountains to climb seeming higher.
      Negative anger formed solid, and thick growth where it does no good like on rock.
      You saw under your surface.
      Over a long time, the sand of time mixes with the water of emotion to form walls. You felt this, as you went along.
      But always changing, perhaps extremes occur too much - you may feel too big, or too small and restricted.
      So you might feel robotic sometimes, so that part is important. If you distrust yourself, and don't like yourself as a result.

      SEARCH >>
      So you search. For yourself, no doubt, your other self, holding on to the light you have.
      Hence following you is your opposite - the feminine, with her emotions and feelings, and it seems the group or social side, and probably your connection to it, or to others. The eyes on you.
      Yet you don't respond to them, though they know your way out.
      This side of you built it, really, perhaps to protect yourself and because you don't go direct. And maybe
      needs protection from your current way for it to exist.

      So you must have seen how you need to align yourself, as you're in a dark tunnel at the moment, with light at the end.
      The planets are individual parts of a whole system, in balance, dependent on the warm light and heat at the heart.
      So you saw your wall come down, revealing the light. And what's rightly bigger than you, which is the living ocean of emotion and life within, but still within your limits.
      So your center may feel like a vortex, sucking you in, spinning you around out of control. Similar to a solar system but imbalanced.
      Once you got to your emotions, they built high, churning, and down the drain which is wasting them. Maybe you want them to go - or the bad ones - but they remain.

      SOLUTION +
      But to like yourself better, you need to enter them. Only then control and change would come.
      The second rope around your middle is where emotions, and connection to the second person, are.
      The kiss on the cheek seals this with affection the antidote - the face where expression is.


      Yes, literally it was driving you up the wall.
      Can you see now why it resonated with you so much? It was the real you, under the surface.
      Maybe something threw you for a loop.
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      Hello !

      I just have a quick question for the general interpretation of your dream. Im a not totally certain of it after reading your post, so what is you gender ? Also, and if it is not too much to ask, what is your orientation, preferably on the kinsey scale ? I prefer to wait for the answer of at least the first question before proposing my interpretation.

      Sorry for the late answer,

      Best regards,



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