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      My grandma died almost 2 months ago

      and since then, I've had more dreams involving something about her than in my whole life. The first dream was the first night I started keeping a dream journal and it was a few people I know meeting in a bathroom saying how sorry they were.

      The other grandma related dreams are all taking place in her house. And she is not there either. However, in one of the dreams, my grandpa who I don't have any memories of besides videos b/c he died when I was only 1 was with me in the house along with the rest of my family. In the dream, I had asked if he'd come over for Christmas and other holidays. He said sure but that grandma wouldn't be able to.

      I love my grandmother. However, maybe I'm just twisted or something, but I don't want to keep having my dreams take place in her home. Maybe once in a while, and in that while, have my grandma & grandpa there with me.
      Wait!! .......Am I dreaming right now?
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      I know how you feel, man. I lost my dad back in October, and I've had more dreams about him, lately, than any other time in my life.

      Only difference is, he actually appears, and his presence in my dreams have always been something of a dream sign. Once he asked me if I felt there was anything strange about him being there, and I didn't think anything of it. The next time, he just kinda looked at me strange, like I was supposed to read his mind because I should know something that he knows. I knew that I was dreaming after that. There was another time that just his being there made me realize that I was dreaming, on the spot.

      So, while it does suck in a way, because it is a constant reminder, I've just tried to learn to make the best of it. Maybe this will help you as well, if you think about being in her house the same way.
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      Dear Fungfurabbits

      These dreams with your Grandparents, and in their house, is resolving some kind of Spiritual Inheritance from them and will conclude when the process is over. Be patient. This attention from them means that they, who can see a great deal more, and can see much more deeply than they could when they were alive, it means that they approve of you and wish to benefit you. You should let them.


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