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      It's all relative

      I had a dream last night about 4relatives, my aunt, my mom, my grandfather, and my grandmother. I wasn't really taking part in the dream. I was observing. We seemed to be in a park at first and everything was rather boring. I remember looking to my right and noticing a bridge. I could make out little white crosses covering the ground on the otherside. I assume now that we are at some kind of memorial park/gravesite for veterans. My grandfather is one, so I assume relevance. I look back towards my family who is walking just up ahead of me. My aunt is pushing my grandmother in a wheelchair (she currently uses on, so not out of the ordinary). My mother is just in front of them and my grandfather is walking with his cane just behind all of them. They are walking away from me, so I only have this view in the dream. Rushing water enters the dream from the right (like ocean tide). It is pretty rough because it throws my grandfather off balance and it cause him to turn around towards me and he falls backwards from there. I remember thinking, "someone help him, pick him up." I can't really see my grandmother and my mother and aunt are getting hard too see as well. They seem to be struggling. I wake up and don't see the outcome. I am surprised that I remember this because I haven't been able to remember most of my dreams due to some sleep issues I've been having. I remembered this one for some reason.

      This may signify some future trouble for the relatives in this dream. Whenever one of grandparents has health or other issues, my mom and aunt are usually the caretakers. I assume that's why they are in the dream. Whatever is going on will affect them in some way. I know that rushing water tends to mean overwhelming emotion. This would make sense because most of my grandparent's issues are health related. I assume my grandfather is the primary player in the dream. He's the one falling, plus the whole veterans memorial location. I'm not sure if there are some other underlying meanings or things I'm not seeing or if this is just cut and dry. Am I missing something in this dream besides what I'm just observing plainly?

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      i personally dont believe that dreams have meanings. but i am interested in finding out if there is. please, fill me in if anything happens to your grandfather, i would like to know. if something does, im sorry.

      rather than a health problem, it may be a mental setback of some sort. im 15 and mid life crisis has hit me already (haha) whenever i think about it, i think i may be wasting my life. id imagine that as you get older, especially when you are a grandfather, you may start to feel that you have not done enough with your life. talk to your grandfather and find out how he lived his life.
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