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      the caressing of feet and kissing of hands...

      My dream involves a small crying boy and the caressing of feet and kissing of hands.. the dream takes me in a very crowded gathering and me and the man i'm very much in love with are sitting apart on a bench when suddenly a small boy sits between us and starts crying. We ask him who is his mommy and daddy but he doesn't know, just cries. Suddenly this man gives me his hand and i start kissing it and it feels absolutely wonderful, i'm kissing it in a very nonsexual way, in an almost saintly way.

      Suddenly, the little boy looks at us and stops crying. suddenly, this man puts his leg across my lap and i start to caress his bare feet, again in a nonsexual way, very lovingly. the little boy gets happier and happier as i caress his feet.

      i woke up shortly feeling really happy afterwards. i'm really wondering what the significance of the unknown lil boy, maybe 3-4 years and quite interested what kissing hands and caressing feet means. I"m really in love with this man we've professed our love for each other altho we haven't been intimate yet. Don't know if it's sexual frustration or something more profound. Anyone can make this out? I appreciate any ideas.

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      Well maybe the dream is dealing the non sexual nature of your relationship so far. if a small boy is there then nothing sexual is going to talke place. Most dreams simply show the current state of your feelings. In this case the small boy reflects the non sexual nature of your relationship... its just very touchey feeling.. very much like a small boy is.

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      weired deaming

      Dreaming of hands, usually means that you will prosper, or that help is on its way 2 u. The kissing of the hands, signifies love, showing u that at the moment someone loves u very dearly.
      Dreaming of feet, genarally warns u to keep ur feet on the ground. This dream is quite interesting, one side is telling you that someone dearly loves you, but the other is warning you to b careful and be very careful about the one that does dearly love you.
      As 4 the little boy, I think that cud be a sign , warning you, not to get to involved in a relationship rite now.

      Hope this helps hun. If not feel free to PM me and i will try and look 4 a more detailed interpretation 4 u.

      Spire x x x


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