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      Psyhic dreams about an ex-girlfriend? Help Interpet.

      Hi I am new the forum. I believe I have encountered a psyhic dream about my ex a few times over the past year. Please help interpet. Over the past year I have dreamt about her 3-5 times...2 of those times I remember very well because a few weeks after the dream something similar happened that involved her.

      First time was about a year ago, our relationship was great and I had no complaints about the way things were going. Then I had a dream where I was beating her (don't worry I have never laid a hand on her). The dream kind of alarmed me at first but I didn't think much of it after a few days went by. Well after about 2 weeks I found out that she had cheated on me and we broke up, then I had become depressed about the whole situation for a few months afterward. So could my dream about me beating her have any significance as to what happend a few weeks later?

      After we had been broken up for several months I had another dream that she showed up at my door one night apologising for everything. Once again I thought nothing of the dream at first but then sure enough about a week later I receieved an e-mail from her appologising and wanting me to take her back as a friend. This really alarmed me because once again I feel like my dream beforehand has more or less tipped me off as to what is going to happen in the near future involving her.

      Now to present time. I am still friends with this girl although it is very very rocky at times. Anyway 2 nights ago I had a dream that I had sex with her. Out of every sex dream I have ever had it has NEVER been with a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend normally any sex dream I have is with someone I have never seen or met (yeah I know that sounds strange but its true).
      So my real question in all of this is that could this final dream be telling me something about my future with her? Just like the previous two. And even if it isn't what does a very vivid Sex dream with an ex-girlfriend mean?

      Is it possible that the dreams I had before about her was actually telling me my future in a discreet kind of manner? or is all of this just a coincidence. what does it all mean? Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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      DON'T HAVE SEX WITH HER!!! I think you'll regret it in the long run. If she cheated on you once she'll do it again.


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