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      short story here...stick with me

      2 nights ago I had a dream that was dark and rainy and confusing. The only part of the dream that I really remember is falling off a boat and seeing a snake in the water. I swim to the bank of the river, and crawl up through the mud. The snake reaches me though, and bites me.

      yesterday though, something strange happens. Somehow I feel a my stomach, and i find a small bumb inside me. The first thought is "tumor...cancer" I start to freak. I look at astrology horoscopes (don't know what else to look at at 2:30 in the morning&#33 and it says nothing but good things. I say i'll sleep it off and ask for my dreams to show me something.

      I dream that i'm kayaking with a couple other people. Note that this is just a small scene from the dream, but again I forgot to really write the dream down, so this is the only scene that stood out. In the dream i'm on this Kayak and i'm approaching a huge waterfall. I look at it as though i'm going to die, but at the same time, I have absolutely no fear of it. I ride the kayak off the waterfall and fly down it, landing completely unharmed. I watch my friend do it and he does it just as gracefully.

      So, feeling positively charged from this dream, I wake up and I see that I have slept through my class. My alarm mysteriously didn't go off. I remember than that I have to turn in my paper. I tear out the door and get it in RIGHT ON TIME. As i go back home I suddenly remembered about the lump. So I go to the emergency room and sit for like an hour to wait. All i can think about is "what will I do if this is a tumor and it's cancerous?" Yet i didn't believe that it was anything bad. in all of my heart I believed that it wasn't bad. I felt so sure of this after this dream.

      Well, it turned out it was nothing! So what can you make from these signs? I'm really curious about the snake....

      thanks for readin!
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      What to think about it...snake are very slippery and cunning, they can approach you without being noticed and do a lot of harm.
      What by outward appearance looks dangerous, like the waterfall, proves to be quite safe. It's this thin long beast that you have to pay attention to...
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      I think that the snake indicates that something bad WAS going to happend to you. The crawling through the mud only to still be bitten could mean that no matter what YOU did to prevent it, you would still have a bad accident, indicating that it was out of your control. Then as you are kyacking off of a waterfall with no fear and "out of control", indicates to me that your dream was saying have no fear about dying because a higher power is in control and will protect you. I think the the alarm clock not going off mysteriously was what kept the bad thing from happening. You could have left that morning as usual and ended up in a car accident or such. I'd check the local news and see if anything bad happend that day around your normal route to school. so in essence, I think you escaped death.
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