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      Dream help needed

      Hi, my maternal grandfather died when I was about 14, so about 17 years ago but I still have dreams about being in the flat where he lived. He doesn't seem to be there in the dreams I am just in the flat either on my own or like the dream I had a few nights ago there are other people there.
      I dreamt the other night about being in the flat, in his hallway he had a fold away bed for when people came to stay and my mum was laying there naked oddly enough and I was laying with her having a cuddle. The I went into the bedroom and lay on one of the beds in there and my best friend was there and was doing something in a room off the bedroom (a room that wasn't actually there in the real flat) It was odd that I had conjured up an extra room in the flat because normally when I dream of the flat it is all exactly as it was.
      There was only one previous occassion where my grandad featured in the dream and in it he was crying and calling out the name of a family memeber who has also passed away.
      I don't understand why I have this dream, I wonder sometimes if he is trying to get some kind of message to me that I can't fathom out.
      Any ideas??

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      I read over your dream and nothing really seemed to click for an interpretation. Perhaps more detail would help. All I can really say about it is that houses usually represent the self; so maybe the recurrence of the flat is your way of exploring whatever current state you're in? Cuddling with your mother prehaps seems to reflect a need for solace or comfort right now; that she was naked maybe means you feel a need to be really close with someone with nothing between the two of you; perhaps it signifies the need for the baring of souls or truths? Your best friend in the dream perhaps also signifies a need to have comforting people around you. The extra room seems to signify personal growth.

      This is rather vague, for which I apologize. To be honest with you, I got so little from your dream I actually laid out a tarot spread with it as the question. (Wacky, yes, but I do this sometimes to look for further elaboration on a dream. I got interested in dream intpretation because dreams are like reading the cards, just sort of finding a pattern amid the symbols, you know?) Anyway, the spread I did for you didn't seem very relevant to the actual dream, so I thought I'd tack a summary of it on here just in case you got something from it. Sorry if that's weird, and as this isn't a tarot site, I'll keep it brief:

      It came up that you have been enjoying a comfortable, easy, social life but just recently all that past time and effort that you have invested in it has come to fruition and begun to manifest results. At the present moment, however, you're feeling pretty much the opposite: that an opportunity has been missed and all that energy was wasted. Perhaps you were looking in the wrong place or else not is all as it appears, because despite how you are feeling, you are also at a very strong and very positive beginning; a new friendship, love, or even the possibility of romance. There is a lot of love around you. Your immediate future is one of uncertainty about what exactly you want for yourself in the way of the heart and any decision feels it will be colored by lack of clarity. However, wait a little and your heart will clear; a decision will be taken.

      Anyway, I hope that wasn't too odd and you got something from somewhere in there. :p


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