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      Is there a sign of what I should do? I rarely have dreams....

      I was hoping someone could help me.

      I had a strange dream last night that I actually remembered and I can't make any sense of it at all.

      It started with me getting phone calls from my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend. I wouldn't answer them. Then I got a text from her. I don't know what it said but it changed my mind and I wanted to reply. though I had no credit on my phone.

      So I went into town and I was in a card shop looking for a mother's day card and I saw my auntie and my cousin. Then I got another text of the ex girlfriend saying 'Nice! Thanks for not replying'. I rushed out of the shop and saw an escalator and a woman had fallen off it.

      I then went to a cash machine and after several attempts I managed to get some money to get some credit for my phone to reply.

      Then I was at my house when his ex girlfriend arrived. My ex boyfriend was already there with me. She gave me a letter and told me to read it. It was about going to 'Norwegia' over summer.

      As I was reading it, my ex boyfriend was making me laugh and joking about things (which is what we used to do, we both have the same sense of humour), the ex girlfriend told me to stop laughing and to finish reading the letter.

      Then it was just me and my ex boyfriend and he ripped up the letter. His ex girlfriend came back and i was pleading with her that it wasn't me who ripped up the letter, that it was my ex boyfriend.

      She asked me for my answer and I told her that I couldn't because I didn't have enough money and I was planning on working here over summer to get money for a flat or a car.
      That was when I woke up.

      I'm confused about what it could mean.

      I know it sounds like a crazy dream but the crazier thing is that I rarely have dreams anyway, especially ones as detailed as this. And the rare time I do, I never remember them.

      Plus, I have never met the ex girlfriend before. she lives in a different city a few hours away. Me and my ex boyfriend broke up in January because he wasn't over her. It wasn't a bad break up and we continued to still see each other occasionally and he remained in contact but after a while, it was clea that he obviously needed time away from me to get over her. I told him not to contact me for a while because of this and that if he still wants to meet up when he's figured everything out, then maybe we can.

      Obviously, its been a hard time for me because I never wanted things to end. I really fell for him. I have this hope of reconcilling in the near future but I am trying also to be realistic too, though people around also think we might get back together.

      From what he's told me about his ex girlfriend, she doesn'tseem like she would want to get back with him. She ended things wih him badly (by text and then refused to speak to him).

      anyway I have tried to think about possible meanings but have no clue. It would be great to have a different perspective. I have been confused as to whether to move on or not, and didnt know if there was a sign in this dream of what I should do?

      I apologise for the essay and if Ive posted this in the wrong place. I'm new to all this. Thanks for reading and any replies in advance.
      Have a good day xxxx

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      the letter could be some information that the exgirlfriend has
      since your ex ripped out the letter and was making u laugh while reading it he does not want you to know
      since his ex was so insistent i could assume its something important

      i am sure that the woman and the escalator falling has a meaning ... but i have no idea what it could mean

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      When I finished reading, I was left with the impression that the characters in the dream were incidental, and the dream was about something else.

      For me the pivotal moment was when your ex ripped up the letter and his ex blamed you for it. You seemed to panic at that stage, and then found yourself having to justify your actions. These two seem to have some power over you, probably not IRL as such, but in whatever the dream represents. I am wondering if the dream somehow echoes dynamics between you and your parents or other significant adults in your life? And that it has become a repeating pattern in your life?


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