I was like at a hospital. I was looking at some kind of werid instrument. It's hard for me to explain what the instrument was. It had 2 big metal upside down containers that were both connect together by a see-through tube. A nurse put a girl into the left container after promising some ice cream if she was a good girl and started moving some levelers (supposedly) and red stuff appear in the other container-I think it was blood but was unsure. Than the nurse moved some more levels and the red stuff disapper but the girl was surronded by green stuff. But the nurse didn't move the one container all the way down so the girl slipped out of the container when the nurse's back was turn. The Nurse had to catch her and she did but when they were just about to continue whatever was happening when the girl died. Than the screen wiped to a doctor giving red stuff to some eldery people. He was talking to some other doctors in the room about the girl from the other part of the hosptial saying that she died.