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    About Cornflower
    I am known as ML on the offical EA sim site. I am very interested in dreams. I am aware I am dreaming but I can rarely control my dreams if ever.
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    Sims, dreams, books (Redwall, Oliver Twist,Jane Erye,The Prince and the Papuer) and Disney movies
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    Voldemort talking to Draco considering me one of their two enemies

    by Cornflower on 10-10-2021 at 04:52 AM
    I had this werid dream between the time woke up after going to the bathroom after a previous waking up. The thing is in the dream-it looked like I was in my paternal grandparent's house. I was passing bying what appeared to be the living room area and the door was shut but I could see someone who kind of looked like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. He apparently was worried about something. Somehow went I enter the living room it turned into my parents' suken living room and I was somehow at the top of the 1 and a half steps going into the dinning room (well I was in the dinning room but I was sitting down)- now something unusally now is there was a very high-back chair which was in the middle of the bottom of the only actually step-between the dinning room and sunken living room- but Draco was still sitting on the couch-like he was at the beginning and he was talking to whomever was on the chair. I don't remember if I got the entire conversation or not-but what I did get is the voice (and I knew whose voice it was-Voldemort's from HP)-telling Draco about "deafeating both of their enemies" and I knew somehow that one of the enemies was me (it's obvious whom the other enemy was- Harry Potter)
    lucid , memorable

    statue ate their father unknowingly

    by Cornflower on 09-19-2021 at 05:14 AM
    Two Saturdays ago-I had this nightmare. It starts off with me being in a maze but inside the maze looks to be like the instead of Beast's castle. In the middle of the maze there's what looks like a statue. But it's kind of looks to be a cross between Disney Moana but she's in a Belle-like dress. She says she's cursed and I asked what's the story behind it. And she tells me both her family and a rivial family lived on a pacific island-during one weekend(?) they both have this "pancake" competion. This one time-the "statue's dad go over and the rivial family basically murders him and he turns into something like Moana's shell necklace (The heart of ?). The rivial family then turns the shell necklace into a pancake which the "statue" family (including the statue) eats but when they're "eating it" -what looks like ketchup-(but it's not ketchup) starts to leak out and in a horror sort of way starts to speak. And it speaks for awhile and one of them (the statue?) eats all the "pancakes" but the "ketchup" is still there and is ANGRY and is like a literally circular wave on the plate. But I woke up and didn't go back to sleep again
    lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Junk cereal+ sister+ goth siblings

    by Cornflower on 08-26-2021 at 04:32 AM
    Now in this dream. Its a two part dream but in some way still in the same place? In the first half of the dream- I'm in a kind of like super store-like a real super store. I'm with a friend from my program (G) and I think her son (B) whom I met a few times. Anyway I'm not sure what we're shopping for but the theme appeared to be "food we never eaten"- At first there was only one cart-but at some point (if I remember what was already in the cart I would-but I don't) when I briefly left friend and son (G&B)-I somehow gained a shopping cart view "dream magic" and I put a punch of cereal-some of which I have never eaten. The only one which comes to mind I remember picking up in the dream is the Captain Crunch. Well anyway as we're on our way -we notice there were platforms in various places in the store and some ones were on them in a white T-shirts which had someone on the back (I know what it said when I dreamed it but I can't remember now) and they seemed to be shouting something at a crowd of people we couldn't see (we're behind the people on the platform).

    Then somehow I'm in a fashion store +boutique but it seemed to be inside the store there were maybe 5-6 people: my sister, myself, and I think 2-maybe 3 other women. Now the first woman who appeared to be around my sister's age was dressed like a Goth going to prom or that she just stepped out of the Sims 4: Vampire pack-just without being a vampire + chocker from the base game. Now the other woman (who appeared to be a cross between me and Amy Adams but was my age) was also wearing black dress as well but her's was I want to say looser then the first woman's. The first woman implied some mean things about the other woman (and yet.. like my sister and I -its implied they're siblings) and that makes me say something and i think the one of the word's i used was Cinderella's step-sister" (I think I said in-ream "you're acting like Cinderella's step-sister") and my sister kind of explained it in a nicer way (can't remember what she said) and then the dream ended
    lucid , memorable

    Disney princess glasses+ sister

    by Cornflower on 08-26-2021 at 04:10 AM
    The other night I had this very werid dream. Now for starts you have to know I have an older sister and as a belated birthday present-she to me some Disney princess glasses (two) and a sweater mermaid tail for my legs. Anyway since Mom and I didn't notice until too later-the glasses got kind of ruined after we put them in the dishwasher (We assumed that it was painted like my mugs but it wasn't). And I think due to personal things at home-I think I view my sister when she is in dreams as a "parent" more then my actually parents

    To the dream:
    I'm not exactly sure what was going on in the dream. But I rememebr it somehow ending up at the dinning table and it was in the middle of the day -might have been around lunch- if the light was any indication from the window. I guess must have been one of dad's "too much lunches". While anyway for someone reason the 2 glasses got put out and the very last works of the dream was my sister saying "my glasses!"
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment

    Junk cereal dream

    by Cornflower on 08-26-2021 at 01:28 AM
    I had this werid dream a couple of weeks ago. For some reason Mom had gotten me a lot of junk cereal. One I don't think was a real cereal (Can't remember what it was called but the colours were simliar to Cimminaon toast crunch) but I do remember that on the front had Donald Duck on it. I think that was after an entirely different dream which involved Disney ducks and an area and hockey and Hockey I Shrank the Kid/Honey we Shrunk Ourselves and Murphy's law all mixed in one. . Let's just say the hockey game was one Murphya's law after another. But in the cereal dream beside Mom buying me the boxes of ever-single-possible-junk food we had to put the junk cereal everwwhere on both sides of the railing which seperates the living room from the dinning room.

    Updated 08-26-2021 at 04:11 AM by Cornflower

    lucid , memorable , dream fragment