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      Bad Vibes for Journals

      Concerning dream journals and similar threads i think they are great. A dreamer can express and share dreams with other people and learn all about them.

      Firstly i do not post this to discourage people from posting dreams, as i have posted some of mine before. All i wish to get across is that maybe extreme personal dreams which reveal a great detail of a persons feelings or life experiences should be held for the dreamers view only.

      I thought about maybe others in different dream groups or even people studying wicca and cults associated with magick interpreting dreams and using them for theyre use or somehow discriminating the person directly. I dont know if this could be true but i think it is possible. In saying this i dont mean to give a bad name to these other groups, just bad individuals that use theyre knowledge for wrong purposes.

      so happy dream journaling, but just think about the your personal dreams and who u would like to share them with, otherwise its sweet and i personally enjoy reading the occasional dream posting.

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      I agree on the point about dreams showing a very personal side of yourself. But there are a lot of things that are self reflective that we do. Pretty much anything creatively constructed reflects a part of ourselves. Paintings, songs, poetry etc.

      In fact I had a drawing teacher one time tell me(the class) that he had a bunch of his old drawings which he was thinking about displaying, but when he sat down to look at them he was thinking to himself "Wow, I can't display these, they speak too much about myself." I don't remember if he said he displayed them or not...


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