i just started doing dream journals

here they are.

7th of april 2010

tornado diabetes.

i dreamed that i was at this barn place and i ha diabetes and i needed massive injection in me and a dream person said there was another way so i thought ok ill do that but it was like a massive oil drill that make a big thud when it went in to the floor i didnot want to do that becouse it made me blow into the air and then fall even though i could not feel anything it still felt like it hurt then that ended and i had a short dream about a tornado that spawnd other tornadoes and more untill there was 4 of them

8th of April 2010


the dream started were me and a girl we were going out and we were sat on these rocks with the see in front of us we had our arms round each other and we were watching a sunset it was the sunset was beautiful the colu colours ers were purple orange yellow red pink then we were sat there at night with a blanket over us and this girl had long brown heir and bright blue eyes even though a cannot remember exactly what she looked looked like she was gorgeous and for some reason there was a small tv there and we had a case of movies and she asked me what would you like to watch and i said its completely up to you then i herd a baby crying and behind us there were like to stairs it was like a fire escape kind of stairs zig zaged and we walked up there and there was a baby in a cot she picked it up and held it in her arms she then put it back then we went back to the rocks near the sea. and before i had gone to sleep i had watched a south park episode about someone saying can i stick my penis in your vagina and im saying to my self in the dream do not say can i stick my penis in your vagina to her and i thinking to my self in my dream don\'t say it don\'t say it and sure enough i say it so she gets in a mood and storms off 10 seconds later she comes back as if she had forgotten all about it so i said to her should we take this relationship to the next level and she says whats the next level ? and then the dream changes to were she is at a doctors and im trying to get to her and i cant im on my quad trying to get there but i cant so i stop and go to this cafe and she is there and i was madly in love with her and i run up to her and she says to me who are you i don\'t know you and i say its me and she says go away i don\'t like you and i say please remember me i love you and she says go away and she leaves and i start to cry and i am crying in my in real life whilst im a sleep and then the dream changes to the rocks again and but she is not there then she walks up to me and hugs and kisses me and i ask her about the cafe and she says i don\'t remember the cafe.