OK, so I'm going to start a dream journal 'cause i have no more paper... Ha.
Alright. Here we go.

Got into a car crash with supposed "family". People I didn't know. I had some intense cuts but I didnt feel them. Remember this is my 1st time ever trying to dream so i wasn't aware of the obvious chance to reach lucidity. Then i got home and smoked some weed out of a half broken Co2 canister (??) and got high. Also before i crashed I saw giant 8ft tall coyotes on the sides of the roads and we were following a moose (again ??) when we drove all the way up a drawbridge that had gone completely up before we flipped backwards and I fell out of the bottom of the car.


I saw Max & Casey and they asked me if I wanted to throw down (give some money) to buy weed. (I smoke daily after work so its a pretty common thing, probably a dream sign) I said OK. Before that I was at a Gameworks and I won 400,000 tickets. I bought a pony


No recollection.


All I remember is rolling a blunt and smoking it to my face.


Again nothing.


I was in a warehouse with Damon and we were fighting zombies but the zombies were just normal people. One of them go through the door and touched me so we freaked out and threw the guy off the roof and then me and Damon smoked a blunt.
Now that i'm writing this i am beginning to think that I should've noticed this dream sign earlier.

4/29 - 4/30



During this dream i was at about a 6 on the lucidity scale so I'll recall as many details as I can

It all starts out with a false awakening. I get up, do my daily routine and after I eat I look at the clock and its almost 7. It's December 21, 2012. It's pitch black outside at 7:00 A.M. Bad sign. I run to the bus stop(my bus comes at 6:50) only to be a few seconds late. There are people out in the streets, most holding signs with apocalyptic messages on them. I think about how someone said that its going to be December 23rd not the 21st. I silently hope that they're right. So i walk back to my house and I see some neighbors outside. We talk about how strange it is outside then Dawn(step-mom) comes and says something to the neighbors about a traffic ticket(?)
So me and Dawn are walking back to the house, and we walk into the backyard. So suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a car pull up and a wigger bursts through our gate and yells "Here's your surfboard, bitch!" So I'm standing halfway up our patio stairs(they go up to the 2nd floor) and Dawn is in the yard. I jump down and do a 2 foot kick in the face to that guy, and then Dawn says "Oh shit, there's more of them!" so right after that I hear, "What the hell? Get 'em! Shoot their asses! etc."
So like 8 people run through the gate and one comes and trys to run up the stairs and he pulls out a 9mm and I run up to him, pull his hand to the side, steal the gun and shoot him in the gut, by now I'm in the zone, and I go on a shooting rampage. I shoot the next dude in the face. Again and again, one after the other, I am fully in control of my actions, I bet i could've even told myself it was a dream but I was just so focused, I was killing mofo's like nobody's business. I can feel the gun recoiling as I shoot another guy in between the eyes. It was just like the movie "Wanted" where it pops right through the skull, and I remember slowing it down and zooming in on his head and thinking "Damn, nice shot!" So far I've shot 9 bullets and killed 8 people. I see one guy running at Dawn and I aim to kill but that's when i remember that I don't know how many bullets are in a 9mm, I thought there were 8.(should have noticed that) So, I start running towards this guy, who is dragging her away when...

I WAKE UP. My adrenaline is pumping, man that was fun


I dreamt I was in a car going to 64th street(?) supposedly to a skatepark and just like my 1st dream with random people. There was a girl with long black hair sitting in between me and this other person, there was a man driving, and the girl's mom in the passenger seat. I was telepathically communicating with her, and for some reason I didn't give any thought to whether that was strange or not. I went and tried to pull her hair back to look at her face(she wasn't looking at me this whole time) the mom turned around and gave me the dirtiest look I've ever seen. Not in a raunchy way, more like a scowl. So, after that I felt unwelcome so I floated through the car door and was standing, watching the car drive away when I thought, "Why am i getting out? I don't want to get out." So I FLEW to the car door and I barely got in, I almost hit the median with the car door.